Meme Coin Market Heats Up as Pepe Hits ATH And Raboo Set to Challenge Dogecoin

Meme Coin Market Heats Up as Pepe Hits ATH And Raboo Set to Challenge Dogecoin

The meme coin market is booming, and three names are making headlines: PEPE, Dogecoin and Raboo ($RABT). PEPE has hit an all-time high (ATH), while Raboo is set to challenge the original meme coin - Dogecoin (DOGE). 

Analysts predict Raboo could grow by 233% by the end of the presale. What do you expect from a coin that is driving the $62 Billion meme market? The newly created AI meme coin enables meme enthusiasts to monetize their social media through the post-to-earn platform.

Let's take a look at the current state of the meme coin market, PEPE's recent surge, and Raboo's potential to challenge Dogecoin's market position.

PEPE Hits an All-Time High

The Frog themed meme coin Pepe recently hit a new  all time high . This was made possible by the  significant increase in social dominance as well as the newly approved Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) earlier this year. 

Currently trading at $0.00001545  with a market value of $6B and a trading volume of $1.9 Billion in the last 24 hours. PEPE is currently ranked 20th on Coinmarketcap, making it one of biggest coins in the cryptocurrency space. 

Dogecoin Experiences a Price Surge

Dogecoin, also described as the original meme coin, is still gaining traction. Currently, Dogecoin has a live price of $0.1611 and maintains a robust 24-hour trading volume of $1.1 Billion. The original meme coin currently ranks #8 in CoinMarketCap and remains a favorite among crypto enthusiasts. 

The pioneer meme coin, which started as a joke, has successfully gained serious financial traction. Dogecoin's loyal community and established presence make it a force to be reckoned with in the meme market.

Raboo Set to Contend for a Spot in the Top 20 Meme Coins

Raboo is a newcomer in the meme coin market and is already making waves with its presale tokens. It has a unique proposition as an AI-backed meme coin and a SocialFi network that utilizes memes as money-making opportunities.

Raboo found an innovative way to combine fun and financial activities to encourage traders to make profitable investments. The project is still in stage 3 of its presale but it has already set the market bubbling with enthusiasm after surpassing a $1.5 Million funding record.

With a current total supply of 1.8 Billion tokens, crypto experts predict a 233% boom during its presale and an astounding 100x surge on launch day. All signs point to Raboo becoming a key player and driving the $62 Billion meme market in the near future. Raboo has some serious growth potential which has been acknowledged in many top-rated crypto buying guides.

Raboo makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in a way that none of its forerunners have, making it a formidable force in the meme coin market. Through its SocialFi network, Raboo encourages users to take part in meme-inspired contests. 

This innovative approach could potentially disrupt the status quo and challenge leading meme coins like Dogecoin and PEPE. Raboo is fast establishing its presence and is set to become a key player in the battle for the top 20 meme coins.


The meme coin market is heating up, and PEPE's recent ATH has generated market buzz. The AI powered meme coin; Raboo, is set to challenge the supremacy of Dogecoin. It’s evident that the meme coin is here to stay with its market growing exponentially.

With PEPE and Dogecoin established as leaders and Raboo emerging as a strong contender, the future of the meme coin market seems promising. Crypto enthusiasts are advised to consider Raboo as one of the best coins to buy now to grow their portfolio. 

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