Like a Boss – How To Make Money With Artificial Intelligence

Like a Boss – How To Make Money With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually unveiling more avenues to earn like a boss in this digital age. Many industries, including tech and finance, are increasingly adopting AI as it promises ease, innovation, and profitability. Mainstream companies' significant investments also influence their dominance in the AI and big data sectors.

Cryptocurrencies centered around AI have been doing well in the digital market with their unprecedented uptick. In the context of AI and crypto coming together, InQubeta (QUBE) is a prime crypto that allows investments in AI startups, one of the top ways to earn money from AI. This digital asset is becoming one of the top DeFi coins, providing enthusiasts access to fractional investments in these startups using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This article covers how one can make money with this AI crowdfunding crypto.

InQubeta (QUBE): Your AI Gateway to Lucrative Earnings

Capitalizing on AI has been made easier with InQubeta's crowdfunding and fractional investment approach. AI startups can create trending NFTs that depict equity in their ventures through the platform. Investors can now utilize QUBE tokens to capitalize on these equities and benefit from the startups' success. The NFTs can also be staked or exchanged in InQubeta's NFT marketplace.

The demand for QUBE tokens will increase as more individuals and startups join the InQubeta project. In addition, because QUBE is deflationary, its value should rise over time as the supply reduces. The platform allocates 2% of all buy/sell transactions to a burn wallet to attain this value appreciation. 

A 5% sell tax on QUBE tokens is directed to a reward pool. Token holders can decide to lock up their assets by staking their tokens, entitling them to interest. This interest comes from the reward pool and the possible price uptick during the locked period. This rewarding scheme makes InQubeta a top ICO that provides a way to generate passive income from investments.

The InQubeta platform is powered by blockchain technology, which ensures secure and transparent investments. Also, to ensure total reliability in the project, InQubeta has comprehensive audits conducted by Hacken and completes Know Your Customer (KYC) verification through BlockAudit, another top security company. These security commitments are essential to instilling confidence in investors that their funds and information are safe.

Over 479 million tokens have been sold in five presale stages, including the beta stage, adding to the testament of the community's great trust in InQubeta. Currently trading at a DeFi coin price of $0.0161, the project has raised nearly $4.6 million. The enticing appeal of this top ICO is evident in this presale journey, as it presents a great avenue to make money like a boss.

When QUBE officially launches, its DeFi coin price will reach at least $0.0308 on exchanges, providing early buyers a lucrative investment return. Interested investors are invited to take advantage of this exciting opportunity by securing the token through the website and paying using credit cards or other cryptocurrencies. The presale's culmination promises more than an initial investment; participants will receive airdropped tokens, including enticing bonus tokens, augmenting their investment value.


The intriguing interaction between AI and crypto has resulted in a demand for top DeFi coins. As this collaboration strengthens, individuals seeking to earn from AI turn to InQubeta to maximize their long-term returns. InQubeta is helping to connect innovators and investors by introducing an ownership model for AI startups.

Reinforced by innovative investment approaches, including the availability of trending NFTs to capitalize on, InQubeta exemplifies its transformative potential. If you want a promising investment opportunity in the AI technology sector, consider buying QUBE in its ongoing presale.

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