Johnny Depp NFT Sees a Massive Price Surge after the Final Verdict

Johnny Depp NFT Sees a Massive Price Surge after the Final Verdict

Johnny Depp NFT sales soar as he triumphs against Amber Heard in defamation trial

Johnny Depp's collection of Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) based NFTs saw a sharp surge in interest following the conclusion of the defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. What Happened: Depp's collection titled "Never Fear Truth" had a total trading volume of 1,500 ETH since its launch. After the jury reached its final verdict, awarding Depp US$10 million in compensatory damages and US$5 million in punitive damages, the actor's NFT collection saw a sharp increase in sales.

Owning a Never Fear Truth NFT will grant you access to Johnny's community on Discord – an innovative community platform. A place for fans and friends to come together and collaborate on creative projects.

The community on Discord will offer an intimate environment for Johnny to express his creativity through, and provide you access to unique works, experiences and future projects in art, music and film.

Initially open for all (in a limited capacity), after all the NFTs have been distributed, only holders will be granted access by connecting their wallet.

Johnny Depp's collection is inspired by Heath Ledger, Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino, Hunter S. Thompson, Tim Burton, and River Phoenix among others.

According to data obtained from OpenSea, Depp's NFT witnessed 212 sales since the verdict. Each NFT has been sold for an average price of 0.8 ETH. A report by Coinquora reveals that Depp's collection had seen barely any transactions before the trial, since March 2022. The collection had a starting price of 0.70 ETH upon its launch with 11,111 generative art NFTs.

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