Is It The End of PEPE’s Explosive Rally? Global Investors Start Shifting to DTX Exchange’s Ground-Breaking $620k Presale

DTX Exchange

Pepe is witnessing a volatile market after the price retraced below $0.000014. After a leading price performance in the memecoin space, the main question among the community is whether PEPE will rebound and continue its momentum to surpass $0.00005.

For trusted 100x gains in the upcoming summer rally, global investors are turning to DTX Exchange to diversify their portfolios with the best altcoin in the ICO stage. Let’s explore the potential for PEPE and how the DTX token can outpace high gainers, emerging as the best altcoin for 100x gains.

PEPE Slows down After Making Records Amid 700% Rally

Pepe’s price momentum is primarily attributed to the recent spike in demand for Ethereum ETFs after the SEC approved all 8 applications for it. Being an ERC20 token, PEPE has displayed a massive price showdown, experiencing a 700% price upsurge within the past 30 days.

The memecoin secured significant milestones with a 3x transactional volume from the start of May, surpassing $2.6 billion recently. Moreover, due to billions of capital influx, PEPE outshined the major NFT collections, boasting a market cap of $6.4 billion. PEPE has turned tables for legacy memecoins including Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, leading the meme space with an explosive price hike.

Currently, after a 9% price retracement on the weekly timeframe, the memecoin is trading at $0.00001522. As big players sold millions of PEPE tokens to cash out profits, the price is witnessing a slowdown. Market experts are speculative about its future trajectory as most of the PEPE investors are in profits right now and collective cashouts can lead to a brief consolidation phase. 

Analysts Warn For a Further Price Downtrend - Price Prediction

With a renewed interest in the memecoin space, many analysts are optimistic about the continual PEPE’s price rally to $0.00005. However, Santiment reports suggest a decline in capital inflows in Pepe, indicating a bearish sentiment. A 10-point drop in the Relative Strength Index also indicates that selling pressures are rising.

Moreover, Michael Pizzino has warned investors about a notable price retracement if the memecoin failed to sustain above the high price levels. He said in an X post on May 30 that “Pepe is technically in the strongest position in terms of price, BUT…If the next rally fails to print a new high, look out”.

DTX Exchange vs PEPE - The Best Altcoin

This trendline is putting the frog-themed memecoin in a speculative spot, pushing the investors to explore the brighter prospects of DTX Exchange. The deflationary tokenomics of DTX are a major alternative for hype-based tokenomics of memecoins. Due to its outstanding performance in 2024, DTX has emerged as the best altcoin to yield 100x returns.

The project has raised a mind-blowing $620,000 in round 2 of the public presale. Global investors are highly attracted to innovative trading solutions offered by DTX Exchange along with its secure and seamless transactional features. DTX token is priced at $0.04 and is expected to blow up beyond $1 upon listing on major CEX marketplaces. 

1000x Leverage DTX Platform Set to Gain Dominance

Among the top ICO performers in 2024, DTX Exchange (DTX) holds the position of the best altcoin after its outstanding presale performance. The project is poised to become the next big thing in the trading sector through its scalable infrastructure, extensive use cases, and offering unprecedented opportunities to global traders and investors.

Speaking of many other key offerings by DTX Exchange, it emerges as an all-in-one trading solution for users, aiming to transform traditional trading schemas.

- Automated Trading: Through advanced automated strategies, traders can monitor the market 24/7 and merge the computing schemas with human expertise to analyze the data for high profitability.

- 1000x leverage feature: The 1000x leverage feature of DTX Exchange empowers traders to capitalize on minimum capital and gain higher market positions in diverse financial sectors.

- Blockchain L1 Technology: DTX Exchange has enhanced the working of blockchain L1 with VulcanX update, offering gas-free and fast transactions at 0.04 TPS. Moreover, no-KYC and non-custodial wallets help to boast a secure trading environment.

- Distributive Liquidity Pools: Combining the best features of CEX and DEX, traders can make large trades with no slippage through distributive liquidity pools.

Key Takeaways

DTX Exchange is poised to lead the deFi space with its ground-breaking trading offerings. The main strength of DTX lies in its community-driven strategies to uphold its commitment to user security and individual ownership. As the global demand surges, DTX Exchange will soon conclude its presale and outpace legacy projects like PEPE with massive gains.

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