ICP Price Prediction For 2022-2025 & Why Investors Should Buy The Hideaways

ICP Price Prediction For 2022-2025 & Why Investors Should Buy The Hideaways

Internet Computer Protocol, or ICP for short, is one of the newer cryptos that was launched by the DFINITY team in May 2021. It launched at a ridiculously high market cap and has since plummeted over 99% to its lows.

Our experts and other crypto experts all agree that ICP is a bad long-term investment and not one to consider as a long-term hold.

Rather than investing in bearish coins like ICP, we provided the best cryptocurrency for 2022 and 2023 and why we know The Hideaways is that coin.

ICP Price History & Why It Signals A Bearish Future

The ICP token was supposed to be the best-decentralized data center looking to power the whole crypto community. However, the launch was a disaster as insiders managed to cash out on launch leaving the community holding the bag.

On launch, ICP's price rocketed up to $2,831 for a brief second before the token crashed 99% down to $5. Today's ICP price is $7.10.

Holders have been really disappointed with the team often echoing the term 'rug pull' when referencing the DFINITY team and our fundamental analysts agree. From the start, the ICP team hasn't done the community the justice they deserve for investing so early.

ICP Price Prediction For Q4 As Expert Analyzes 1D Chart

The Internet Computer (ICP)  price has formed 2 Doji candles on the daily, signaling the end of its bullish run and a return to the normal downward price action.

ICP token price is fighting to 'beat' the downward diagonal resistance at $7.20-$7.30. Our experts believe rejection is most likely leading the ICP price down to the $6 support area, followed by a final ICP price prediction of $5.

The only hope bulls have is to save the EMA 21 on the 1D, which can act as a support at the $6.68 area. Although, with the current chart pattern this doesn't look likely.

Top Analyst Predicts The Hideaways To Overtake ICP By 2024

The Hideaways (HDWY) is a new project launching in 2023 that's currently in its presale period. It's attracting larger ICP investors in the hope they can make a real 100x and here's how HDWY's can do that.

It allows HDWY holders and investors to buy a portion of a luxury property that can get you up to 100% yields in the form of passive income.

This is the real yield generated from the property price increase and rental yield.

It allows any investor from any country to invest in a global property portfolio for as low as $100.

And if you're a big investor you can buy get access to their Club Hideaways which includes private jets, amazing discounts to Four Seasons, Capella, and more 5* hotels, as well as once-in-a-lifetime bespoke trips.

Our analysts predict this to be the best crypto of 2023, with a potential return on HDWY of 8,000%. After all, that would still put it at a smaller market cap than the ICP price!

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