Growing Your Crypto Almost For Free: Two Solutions

Growing Your Crypto Almost For Free: Two Solutions

Considering the Luna (currently known as Luna Classic) de-pegging and massive loss of investments from people, as well as the so-called 'crypto winter' on our doorstep, crypto purchases appear to be riskier than ever.

Without a doubt, micro-investments tend to provide minimal profits, and it takes a lot of time. However, larger investments, as noted previously, can lead to great losses. But there are certain solutions to this issue, such as making 'investments' without actually putting in any large amount of money yourself.

The two most common methods in this regard are sign-up bonuses and passive income applications.

Sign-up bonuses

As there are more and more cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms appearing nearly every day (and numerous of them are already available), it is natural to assume that there has to be some sort of incentive for users to join one platform over the other.

The most common method to do so is the same as with pretty much any other service around that appears in a very diluted market – sign-up bonuses. These come in a variety of forms, such as getting some sort of monetary reward just for joining regularly, or by joining using a referral or affiliate link.

Within the cryptocurrency world, there are tens of such options available, perhaps even more than that. Take KuCoin for example – it is a very popular cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to buy crypto directly using a credit or debit card, and trade within minutes after doing so.

On KuCoin, by registering using a referral link or a referral code, you will be entitled to a bonus worth up to $500 in USDT. Since USDT is pegged to USD as a currency, the prices are currently very stable and could remain so (unless something really bad happens, just like with LUNA).

With this generous offer, you can start trading and exchanging your bonus as soon as you complete KYC and make your first deposit. Yes, you would need to make a small investment, however, considering the possibility of a huge bonus, that small investment is incredibly pale and meaningless in comparison.

Another viable option would be Crypto – another popular exchange that also offers you to get a cryptocurrency card that you can use for purchases. On this website, by signing up using a referral link or code, you are eligible for $50 worth of CRO (Cronos) to your account.

However, just as with KuCoin, you would need to make a small investment in order to get it. The investment is around $10 that you would need to stake. Afterward, the $50 worth of CRO is yours to use as you wish. This nets an automatic $40 profit, which is not a bad sum to receive, considering the size of the investment you make for getting CRO to stake.

Passive income applications

On these applications, the earnings you receive seem to come out of thin air. Of course, in reality, there are workings behind the scenes from which you are rewarded. In most cases, passive income applications provide you with money in exchange for utilizing your unused internet bandwidth.

Take Honeygain for example. It does exactly that – rewards you for sharing your unused internet bandwidth with their network. It uses a credit system, where you receive 3 credits for each 10 MB of traffic shared. This system is rather simple, 1000 credits are equal to $1. Since these credits are not tied to any cryptocurrency, the price does not fluctuate, it remains constant.

All that you need to do is register for the service and install the Honeygain application itself. Since it is a passive income application, those two steps are the only active things that you have to do. Afterward, all you have to do is keep the application running, and it will do everything for you in the background.

In it, you can earn free crypto incredibly easily. They offer two payout methods – PayPal and JumpToken. JumpToken (JMPT) is a cryptocurrency used by JumpTask, another service that is partners with Honeygain. You can either accumulate $20 worth of credits (that is the payout threshold) and cash out in JMPT, or you can use the JumpTask mode available on Honeygain and cash out any time you wish via JumpTask itself.

This is the way to grow your crypto without any investment whatsoever since Honeygain is completely free to use. They also offer a sign-up bonus of $5 if you sign-up using their website or by using a referral link.

JMPT, as a cryptocurrency, is relatively stable and can be traded on PancakeSwap. Considering that you are getting it completely for free, it is well worth the shot. Any losses would not hurt at all, and you can only get into profit with some successful trading.

The bottom line here is clear – it is indeed possible to minimize the risks involved with cryptocurrency trading by making use of sign-up bonuses and passive income apps. The days of thinking about losses and huge investments are long gone.

Disclaimer: Analytics Insight does not provide financial advice or guidance. Also note that the cryptocurrencies mentioned/listed on the website could potentially be scams, i.e. designed to induce you to invest financial resources that may be lost forever and not be recoverable once investments are made. You are responsible for conducting your own research (DYOR) before making any investments. Read more here.

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