Gorilla Protocol: Building the First Community-Powered Crowdfunding Ecosystem on Ton Chain for Web3 Startup

Gorilla Protocol

The Ton Blockchain is rapidly emerging as one of the most innovative and talked-about networks in the blockchain space. Needless to say, the network is poised to become a leading platform for decentralized applications. Its robust infrastructure and growing popularity make it the perfect foundation for pioneering projects and groundbreaking initiatives.

Active wallets on the Ton Chain have surged past 4 million, with daily activations exceeding 65,000. With the current hype around clicker games, it’s only a matter of time before Ton Chain becomes the leading blockchain network.

Historically, institutional investors and whales have dominated the juiciest deals in Web 3.0 startups, often sidelining retail traders. As attention shifts to the Ton Network, this trend seems to be repeating itself. That’s why Gorilla Protocol is focused on developing a launchpad with an embedded DAO to crowdfund early-stage projects.

The Gorilla Launchpad, though based on a tier system, will be open to all members of the Gorilla community. DAO members can vote to support or decline new projects seeking crowdfunding. Unlike many launchpads, members can invest as little as $20 in these projects and also be eligible for airdrops or incentives for the support they give projects using the platform.

This protocol benefits projects by ensuring their tokens are evenly distributed among investors, eliminating early-stage whales. Our community members, the "troopers," will form the foundational support for projects, helping them build from the ground up. It is only natural that once the project stabilizes, whales and institutional traders and investors will invest in such a project and catalyze its growth.

Gorilla Protocol is driven by a dedicated team of blockchain experts, developers, and visionaries with extensive experience in the Web3 space. Our team is committed to fostering innovation and inclusivity in the blockchain ecosystem. We are also actively seeking partnerships with other forward-thinking projects and investors to expand our impact and drive the adoption of decentralized crowdfunding.

The project is collaborating with a crypto-backed debit card issuer to provide Gorilla debit cards to its token holders, which can be used at over 100,000 merchant locations worldwide. These cards offer cash-back rewards and have no annual or maintenance fees. Once the number of GORI holders reaches 20,000, we will be able to distribute the cards to our community.

Development is currently underway, and more information will be released as progress continues. Potential Troopers can join our growing community on Telegram & X (formerly Twitter) and participate in our ongoing airdrop campaign for a chance to share 50,000,000 $GORI tokens.

GORI, the utility token driving the Gorilla Protocol ecosystem, is set to launch this month. Token distribution for participants in the airdrop campaign is scheduled for May 30th. Additionally, there will be a presale on the Ton Inu & Ton Raffles platforms, which have recently gained a reputation for numerous successful raises.

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