Gnox (GNOX) aims to dethrone Bitcoin (BTC) the King of Crypto with its versatile utilities

Gnox (GNOX) aims to dethrone Bitcoin (BTC) the King of Crypto with its versatile utilities

Assuming the long-term trend is up and to the right, bitcoin's scarcity makes it an inflation-proof store of value. Well, that's not entirely true. While the inflation of bitcoin supply is low and slow, there is a bit of inflation. However, it's measured and can be accounted for in projecting the future price. While this might bake Bitcoin might be the King of crypto now, there's no telling what could happen in the future. Great ideas come along all this time. 

Let's imagine an ideal token right now. 

Imagine a token that's designed as both a store of value and an ongoing source of passive income. Let's imagine that the token is deflationary, meaning the supply is constantly being reduced. Let's make sure it produces passive income no matter what the market conditions. And let's make it so that it nearly eliminates risk, and is immune to market volatility. In fact, let's make it so that volatility is actually good for holders.  

There's no need to imagine further because Gnox Token has already done this. 

  • Because it's deflationary, GNOX can act as a store of value just like Bitcoin.
  • Because funds are pooled and invested in DeFi opportunities, GNOX produces passive income.
  • Because GNOX token holders earn a royalty on aftermarket sales, their stack is always increasing. 
  • Because the fund is spread across several platforms and blockchains that produce passive income, the risk is greatly reduced. 
  • Because all sales incur a royalty, GNOX will not be attractive to short-term speculators and day traders thus volatility will be low. 
  • And because its burn rate is based on aftermarket sales of the token, the more volatile the market is, the faster the burn rate.

So how do you pack all of this into one token? It's simple. It all starts with a 10% "tax" on all aftermarket GNOX token sales. That sounds like a lot, but the majority of that belongs to all holders. This instant slippage makes the token undesirable to swing traders and nearly immune to volatility. 

The way GNOX holders earn passive income is twofold. First, 60% of the pooled funds are handled by a team of expert DeFi analysts who invest it into staking rewards, lending platforms, and liquidity pools. The income from those activities is used to burn GNOX tokens thus constantly deflating the supply. The more aftermarket trades there are, the faster the tokens are burned.

Another 10% of the fund is airdropped to all GNOX holders once every hour. Again, the more volatility and the more sales, the faster everyone's stack grows. 

The great thing about all of this is that there's no work required on the part of GNOX holders. All they have to do is hold the token and watch their stack grow. 

GNOX presale is live

More good news: You're early. 

The Gnox platform launches in mid-August. However, a presale is being conducted now. It's broken up into three phases. During each phase, a number of tokens are burned thus decreasing the supply and increasing the price per token. The earlier you get in on the presale, the more your tokens will be worth upon launch. 

If you're open to reconsidering your crypto strategy, don't hesitate to check out the website for more information and to take part in the presale of GNOX tokens.

Learn more about Gnox:

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