Gaming Market Valued at Over $200 Billion - Top Gaming Tokens Under $1 To Rally Next

Gaming Market Valued at Over $200 Billion - Top Gaming Tokens Under $1 To Rally Next

Gaming tokens are one of the best gaming investments one could ever make. Aside from their exhilarating gaming adventures, they also offer a passive way of making income. The global gaming market is valued at $245 billion in 2022 and could be worth a staggering $682 billion by 2030. This makes the gaming tokens nice to have tokens in your portfolio. These tokens can be purchased for just a small fee, but their potential profit could be unbelievable. This article lists five such gaming tokens, armed with the necessary impetus to rally in the bull season. Let's have a look at them.

KangaMoon - Establishing a Reward System For Gamers

KangaMoon (KANG) is a leading platform that intertwines gaming with social interactions. The platform offers different reward systems aimed at catching the attention of investors and rewarding active gamers. For example, a total of 250 million tokens will be freely distributed to gamers, spectators, and participants as in-game rewards and prizes. KangaMoon gaming adventure is done on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, giving users more opportunities to win.

Having started the presale about 6 months ago, KangaMoon has earned praise from gaming enthusiasts. The platform has attracted over 25k followers with active holders of its native token reaching 6k. KangaMoon also embeds SocialFi functionalities into its play-to-earn gaming with users needing to engage on the platform's social media posts to earn free tokens. With its amazing benefits, KangaMoon has raised $6.7 million in funding.

While some gaming coins are unable to guarantee any profit, KangaMoon ROI has increased to 400% as early investors begin to count their gains. The new price for the token is $0.025. Another reason this gaming token is one of the best gaming investments is the referral program which users are greatly using to their advantage. 

However, the presale is billed to end by the end of this quarter after which the token will be listed across tier 1 exchanges. The platform is also boosting user engagement through its partnership with RaidSharksBot. With the gaming market set to be the center of focus in the coming months, KangaMoon is one of the best gaming tokens to invest in with a potential climb above $1. 

Floki - A Multipurpose Game Token Across DeFi and NFT Market 

Floki is a deflationary game token developed by the Shiba Inu community. While the token was originally made as a meme coin, Floki has entered the metaverse gaming market with its own NFT game dubbed 'Valhalla'. By participating in this game, users earn free Floki tokens which can be traded at any marketplace. Floki boasts a robust ecosystem with varying use cases across the NFT and the DeFi market. Under the FlokiFi umbrella, Floki hosts a suite of DeFi products.

This versatility across different spheres has heralded greater adoption and growth for the token. In the past year, Floki has amassed about 400% in profit with a significant jump in the market cap. Although the Floki token has been unable to find consistent bullish momentum in the past months, its robust ecosystem differentiates it from other game tokens. With VanEck, the top asset manager adding the token to the MarketVector Index, Floki is one of the best gaming tokens that could rise in the bull season.

Gala - Democratizing Game Ownership 

Gala is a decentralized Web3 gaming overhauling the entire gaming industry. Powered by Gala games, Gala aims to allow a democratized setting where players assume full ownership of in-game items and have a say in the development of the platform games. The platform ensures users can play complex games at no cost while using the Gala token as gas fees on the platform.

Gala market performance has been bearish in the past few months with the entire gaming market losing traction. However, Gala trading volume has continued to surge, bringing hope that a rally is possible in the coming months. In the meantime, Gala trading outlooks appear neutral with the bearish and bullish sentiments fighting it out. As the token closed in on the $0.05 key resistance level, analysts believe a breakout of this zone could trigger a massive rally soon. 

Decentraland - A Virtual Game Allowing Content Monetization 

Decentraland is a virtual reality game platform where users can develop, experience, and monetize gaming content. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland allows users to purchase 'virtual lands' where they can build games and monetize. Its native token, MANA, is used to pay for several in-game items such as avatars, wearables, NFTs, and virtual lands. By purchasing the virtual lands, users get an NFT that will be reflected in their decentralized wallet.

Decentraland is attractive to enterprises because of its unique peer-to-peer features, allowing them to easily scale their content. Decentraland token has plummeted significantly in the past month as the market goes bearish. In the same vein, the Decentraland market cap is also battling the bear, with only the trading volume showing a slight increase in the past week. However, as seen from the bull market of 2021, where Decentraland rose to $5.9, the coming bull market may also result in a big leap for MANA, making it one of the top game tokens to buy now.

Sandbox - Providing Immersive Gaming Experience 

The last of the gaming tokens to watch out for is Sandbox, a Web3 video game providing an immersive gaming experience. Sandbox is a blend of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), creating a community of gaming enthusiasts. With Sandbox, players can create, build, and transact their digital assets, allowing them to experiment with different video games. Launched in 2011, Sandbox's biggest year was 2021, when it climbed to its highest price of $8.5.

With the gaming market losing steam, Sandbox has been unable to produce the sort of spark that made it so attractive to users. The token has battled bear pressure for the past few months with the market cap also suffering the same fate. However, a bright light comes from the Sandbox trading volume which has grown significantly in the past few weeks. While the current trajectory looks bearish, the upcoming bull market may shape things up, making Sandbox one of the best GameFI coins to invest in at the dip.


Gaming tokens were once attractive to investors as a result of huge traction in the gaming market. However, the massive popularity has waned with many gaming tokens plummeting considerably. Nevertheless, the bearish time offers an opportunity to buy these tokens while they are relatively less. With their low market cap, the potential is there for them to grow. As many of the platforms continue to evolve, upgrading their ecosystem, and collaborating with like minds, their tokens may likely improve in the bull run.

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