Futures Exchange CME Group to Launch Bitcoin Trading, Price Resurgence Incoming? Best Gaming Cryptos to Capitalize

Best Gaming Cryptos to Capitalize

The broader cryptocurrency market is bullish after the world’s largest futures exchange operator, CME Group, announced its plans to launch Bitcoin trading to expand its portfolio. After the announcement, Bitcoin’s price hit a resurgence, and other cryptocurrencies became the biggest beneficiaries of the relief rally.

While the pioneer cryptocurrency continues with positive impressions, gaming tokens have eclipsed its performance, standing out with strategic network developments, higher growth potential, and robust market performance. Thus, investors focus on these top five gaming cryptos with 100x returns.

KangaMoon (KANG) Already up 400% —Is 100x Possible?

Amid the booming GameFi studios on the market, KangaMoon (KANG) takes center stage with its unique combination of SocialFi elements and GameFi’s play-to-earn concept. The platform will curate an ecosystem dubbed “Kangaverse,” where players interact with other like-minded individuals and engage in speculative betting and battle-theme challenges. And as a result, they win rewards in the form of KANG and rare NFTs.

Unlike other gaming tokens, the KANG token has actual utility. Players will be able to facilitate transactions in the ecosystem using KANG. They will access exclusive games, create and upgrade their Kangaverse characters, and buy in-game items on the marketplace. So far, the KangaMoon presale has had robust performance, raising over $6.8 million in revenue and potentially eyeing the $8 million mark in the coming days.

Moreover, early investors have recorded over 400% ROI in price value from its initial offering of $0.005 to $0.025. With the BitMart Exchange listing announcement, experts hint at the KANG token climbing to $0.5. Remarkably, KangaMoon is set to tap into the flourishing gaming NFT play-to-earn market, which is rapidly growing at around 17% CAGR and could potentially increase to $8856.96 million by 2028.

With this view, KangaMoon has positioned itself as the best gaming token to watch in 2024 and the best option for savvy investors seeking astronomical returns. Its rapidly growing community of over 23,000 and around 10,000 holders has made the KANG token highly prestigious in the gaming cryptocurrency market. Thus, now is the optimal time to join the KangaMoon community.

Immutable X Price Upswing As its DAA Divergence Shifts

The Immutable X coin is another gaming crypto making headlines in the broader market. The Immutable X coin has experienced a robust market performance propelled by the broader market resurgence. Its price surge has remarkably eclipsed the performance of established Bitcoin, cementing its position as the best gaming token to buy as a long-term crypto investment.

What’s more interesting is that its Daily Active Addresses (DAA) divergence signals a shift in neutral to bullish sentiment. This indicates that the gaming token is gearing up for further price spikes. Moreover, the Immutable X coin has experienced a heightened increase in market activities, with its trading volume jumping up.

With this view, many experts have made Immutable X price predictions, suggesting that its value could reach $7 by the end of 2024. Therefore, Immutable X is an excellent buying option and among the best coins to buy in 2024.

Gala (GALA) Introduces New Game—Common Ground World Town Hall

Gala Network is positioning itself as a remarkable player as the revolutionary play-to-earn concept is heating up in the gaming market. The gaming platform has created games that prioritize community but more importantly, offer quality without resonating with repetition.

Away from the Gala crypto ecosystem, its market performance has been robust, adding a considerable gain in value. The recent Gala price surge may be attributed to the overall market optimism and its latest endeavors. Remarkably, the Gala network introduced a new game—Common Ground World Town Hall into its ecosystem.

With this positive news, experts see the Gala coin continue to record massive gains as its technical indicators are green, reflecting the bulls control the market. Therefore, this gaming token is among the best gaming cryptos to buy now.

Floki Price Soars After 15.25B Token Burn Approval—Will It Maintain This Upward Trajectory?

Another booming GameFi token to watch in 2024 is the Floki coin. Its NFT gaming metaverse—Valhalla, offers a unique gameplay concept. Recently, the Floki coin has garnered more visibility in the broader market due to its latest development.

Recently, Floki crypto has experienced significant listings and exchange integrations such as Kraken and Binance Exchange—Thailand branch. The vast exchange listings suggest that the overall perception of the Floki coin has shifted in the market. More importantly, its community overwhelmingly voted to burn a staggering 15.25 billion tokens, reflecting its consensus to lower the supply in circulation.

With these many developments, the Floki ecosystem witnessed an influx of traders. Its community-driven initiatives and resiliency in the market charts position this gaming crypto among the best gaming crypto tokens to invest in now.

Axie Infinity Crypto Witnesses Whale Activity—Will It Trigger AXS Price Surge?

Another gaming token that has been transforming the gaming industry is the Axie Infinity coin. Due to its unique gaming features, the blockchain-based trading and battling game platform has drawn attention in the broader market. It has curated a gaming ecosystem that prioritizes its community, where they are actively involved in the development and decision-making process

Beyond the ecosystem, its native token, AXS, is struggling in the market. However, with the recent whale buy alert, the price of Axie Infinity may gear up for an upswing. According to CoinMarketCap data, an unknown whale has bought $172,640.96 worth of AXS. The recent whale activity reflects broader investor confidence in the Axie Infinity coin.

With this view, many analysts have made bullish Axie Infinity price predictions, suggesting that the gaming token could reach $15 by the end of 2024. Therefore, the Axie Infinity crypto is among the best cryptocurrencies to buy now for 100x returns.


As traditional institutions further encroach into the digital asset sector, aiming to capitalize on the growing demand for cryptocurrency, lesser-established gaming tokens are taking the spotlight. With the potential to offer higher returns and strategic blockchain developments, gaming cryptocurrencies have proven worthy contenders to topple established coins in the cryptocurrency market.

KangaMoon leads the booming GameFi pack, with its innovative play-to-earn concept and small market cap requiring fewer funds to trigger a double-fold increase. Therefore, the KANG token is among the best cryptos to invest in 2024.

Discover the exciting opportunities of the KangaMoon (KANG) presale today!

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