From Mainnet To X1 Beta Launch; BlockDAG Coin May Touch $30 by 2030; More On Avalanche Struggle & NEAR Price Forecast


BlockDAG's relentless development and Updates have garnered significant investor attention. The platform's consistent updates, strategic showcases, and Dev releases drive a presale surge, quickly advancing from Batch 1 at $0.001 to Batch 16 at $0.0095, raising $37 million from over 10.2 billion BDAG coins.

As Avalanche (AVAX) struggles at resistance and NEAR's price forecast shows mixed signals, BlockDAG's clear strategic 2024 roadmap and impressive milestones make it one of the top cryptos to watch. The roadmap outlines BlockDAG's trajectory from current knowledge to future possibilities, predicting its value to reach $30 by 2030, indicating a bright future for the company.

Avalanche Struggles at Resistance

Avalanche (AVAX) recently saw a 15% price surge, sparking investor optimism. However, this rise hit significant resistance, causing concerns. The altcoin has faced difficulties breaking out of the $37 to $41 range, where investors hold about 11.9 million tokens worth $409.7 million. This resistance has pushed AVAX back into a consolidation phase.

Additionally, the broader market support needs to be improved, as indicated by the MACD. The signal line nearing a bearish cross suggests further challenges for AVAX. If the price fails to hold above $39, it might decline toward the $31 support level, reflecting a cautious forecast.


NEAR Protocol Price Forecast

The NEAR Protocol has experienced volatility, with a 3.62% loss in the past 24 hours and a 1.45% decline over the week. This has led to increased disinterest among investors. The price has formed a symmetric triangle pattern, hinting at a potential breakout or breakdown.

The Cross EMA 50/200-day trend suggests a positive influence, but the RSI shows neutral sentiment, highlighting uncertainty. A bullish breakout could test the $9 resistance, while a bearish trend might push the price towards $6.225.


BlockDAG’s Development and Updated Roadmap Insights

BlockDAG's ongoing development is evident from its frequent appearances on iconic billboards and its regular release of updates. The introduction of DAGpaper v2 and the 2024 roadmap have drawn investor interest, leading to a rapid progression from Batch 1 to Batch 16 in its presale. Starting at $0.001, the presale price has surged to $0.0095, raising millions now. This impressive growth has led to predictions of BlockDAG reaching $30 by 2030.

The updated roadmap highlights three main focuses: Blockchain Development, BlockDAG Scan (Explorer), and the X1 Miner Application. The roadmap outlines a meticulous journey, balancing ambition with precision. Notable developments include P2P engine development, EVM compatibility, and the mainnet launch by September 2024. These advancements ensure BlockDAG remains competitive and innovative, creating FOMO among investors.


With massive hype around the ecosystem and a proposed beta launch of its X1 mobile mining app, BlockDAG’s presale is poised to soar further, promising greater returns. The presale has raised $37 million, by selling over 10.2 billion BDAG coins and $2.9 million from miner sales, showcasing the strong investor confidence in BlockDAG’s potential. With features like Metamask integration and a testnet launch, BlockDAG is setting new standards in the crypto world.

Final Verdict

BlockDAG's updated roadmap and continuous development highlight its potential to revolutionise the crypto market. With rapid presale batch progression and substantial funds raised, BlockDAG stands out among cryptos to watch. In contrast, Avalanche (AVAX) struggles at resistance, and NEAR’s price forecast is mixed. BlockDAG’s strategic advancements and strong community support forecast a promising future, with price predictions reaching $30 by 2030. Investors are encouraged to explore BlockDAG further and participate in its presale, positioning themselves to benefit from this emerging powerhouse in the crypto industry.


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