Final Chance to Become Part of Algotech Presale, Bigger Opportunity Than Near Protocol?

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, new opportunities are emerging for investors. One such opportunity is one of the best ICOos of 2024 Algotech, which analysts predict has the potential to surpass Near Protocol.

Algotech, the decentralized crypto trading platform behind the ALGT token, seeks to revolutionize the algorithmic trading industry.

This article will delve into the details of this promising presale and compare it to Near Protocol.

NEAR Protocol's impressive growth in 2024

NEAR, a smart contract Layer 1 protocol, has been on a near-vertical ascent in terms of activity in 2024.

According to FlipsideCrypto, total transactions have soared more than fourfold, from 300 million in late August to 1.3 billion in recent days. Throughput has also skyrocketed, jumping from an average of 300,000 daily transactions in mid-2023 to a peak of 6 million in late May.

Wallets created on NEAR show a similar trend, more than doubling to 75 million from 30 million since September 2023. Daily wallet creation has also seen a significant uptrend, from roughly 30,000 created daily in August 2023 to 209,000 recently.

Key developments driving NEAR’s growth

Crypto exchange OKX recently unveiled support for NEAR in its Web3 wallet, with the objective of scaling Web3 through Chain Abstraction.

The integration, which took place on May 28, now allows users to seamlessly transfer NEAR tokens to 95 different blockchains.

The rising activity has fueled a rally in the NEAR token, which, despite a 4% drop today, has gained 350% in the past year.

NEAR’s growth Chart

ALGT: A final opportunity to join a promising DeFi presale

Best ICO and a bigger opportunity than Near protocol Algotech has a potential has driven massive uptake in its public presale as investors seek early entry. Algotech, the decentralized crypto trading platform behind ALGT, aims to revolutionize the algorithmic trading industry.

Algotech leverages advanced technology and artificial intelligence, empowering users to swiftly analyze the market and make data-driven trading decisions.

This platform allows even beginner traders to enter the market and start making profits immediately. Its robust technology infrastructure powered by cloud computing supports high-frequency trading, leading to substantial profitability.

Additionally, Algotech’s technology architecture automated trading, eliminating manual efforts and human challenges such as bias, exhaustion, and inconsistent performance. The ongoing public presale is experiencing enormous demand and subscription, attracting investors with the promise of ownership, voting rights, and future dividends for those providing R&D funds during this phase.

Algotech profit potential attracts Investors as presale end approaches

Crypto enthusiasts have identified ALGT as a significantly undervalued token with the potential for a massive price increase. Early investors are promised a 275% profit by the end of the public presale.

So far, they have already seen a 100% gain as Algotech prepares for its final stages. The platform continues to attract new buyers with a 25% discount on its prices, valuing tokens at $0.08, leading to a significant influx of late-adopter investors.

With investors anticipating an 87.5% surge to the $0.12 launch price, AI crypto price predictions indicate that ALGT may start trading on exchanges at an even higher value. This has further fueled the excitement and demand for ALGT as the presale approaches its conclusion.


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