Ethereum Supply On Exchanges Is Low, Tradecurve To Offer Traders Institutional Level Liquidity On Its Hybrid Exchange

Ethereum Supply On Exchanges Is Low, Tradecurve To Offer Traders Institutional Level Liquidity On Its Hybrid Exchange

With Ethereum stakers now having the option to withdraw their staked assets, thousands of investors are choosing to withdraw their Ethereum from centralized exchanges. This has caused supply to drop significantly and could have further implications down the line. Tradecurve on the other hand offers institutional level liquidity as part of its exchange, making it a safer way to buy and sell assets.

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Exchanges Could Soon Experience An Ethereum Shortage

Ethereum's latest update has been a huge success for the project, resulting in an influx of investors staking their Ethereum. However, at the same time many investors have withdrawn their assets from centralized exchanges such as Coinbase. This reaction has been triggered by the growing problem of regulation, which could significantly reduce potential returns.

While this is yet to do any real damage, Ethereum supply shortages could cause problems for major exchanges in the future. Meanwhile, Ethereum staking is reaching new highs in May, with over 2 million Ethereum being staked in just one month.

With Ethereum staking on the rise, price analysts believe that Ethereum could hit $2k in the next few weeks despite its recent price drop. Some analysts are taking their predictions one step further, predicting that due to its growing ecosystem, Ethereum could hit $2.2k in June, triggering an influx of new Ethereum investors in the process.

Tradecurve Offers Institutional Level Liquidity

Tradecurve is a new hybrid exchange taking the market by storm. Its second presale round is quickly selling out, with investors comparing Tradecurve's presale to Binance's ICO, which started at just $0.11 in 2017. During its latest presale round, Tradecurve has sold over 46 million TCRV tokens, and is now expected to hit a new all-time high by the end of May.

With the project steadily gaining momentum, analysts believe that Tradecurve could soon be a top trending presale, offering returns of up to 50x before its presale is finished. But what makes Tradecurve better than the current exchanges in the market?

Tradecurve is a hybrid exchange, offering both traditional and DeFi assets. Using its platform investors can buy cryptocurrency and derivatives using crypto as collateral. While this service is available on current centralized exchanges, Tradecurve is fully decentralized. Instead of needing to pass KYC checks, investors can sign up with an email and trade assets anonymously with an external wallet.

This one-of-a-kind service is supported by great liquidity, negative balance protection and a number of exciting educational features. For example, the Tradecurve metaverse trading academy. This academy will offer a number of lessons on trading, as well as live talks and the opportunity to network with like-minded traders.

Furthermore, AI trading subscriptions will be available for investors looking to build a passive portfolio and copy trading opportunities will be available for trading experts and those looking to learn from the industries best.

With TCRV tokens selling out extremely fast, investors are purchasing tokens at record rates to boost their portfolios before token value increases from $0.015 to $0.018.

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