Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH Price To Reach $2k In May, Tradecurve Price To 10X

Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH Price To Reach $2k In May, Tradecurve Price To 10X

While the number of Ethereum users and stakers has increased in May, Ethereum's price has decreased. After increasing to over $2,000, Ethereum has declined by 10% to $1,800.

However, analysts predict that Ethereum will bounce back before the end of the month, hitting $2k in the process. Meanwhile, Tradecurve's price is predicted to increase 10x in the next few weeks, having already surged during its presale.

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Investors Believe That Ethereum Is Undervalued

Since its Shapella upgrade, over 2 million Ethereum has been staked. At the same time, Ethereum trading is up and its overall market dominance has never been more evident. However, its value is failing to replicate its growth. In the last thirty days Ethereum has decreased in price by 1.55%, with one Ethereum trading at $1,786 at the time of writing. Despite this decline however, investors remain extremely bullish about Ethereum.

Ethereum remains the third most traded cryptocurrency in the world, with a daily trading volume of over $7 billion. In the last month alone thousands of new investors have purchased Ethereum and crypto whales have started to stake their holdings.

With so much potential, the current price of Ethereum is significantly lower than what it could be according to analysts. By the end of May, Ethereum is expected to bounce back in price to $2k, with some experts predicting it could hit $2200 by the end of Q2.

Tradecurve Closes In On 10X ROI

The Tradecurve has quickly become a must-have for crypto investors worldwide. Stage two of its presale was one of the fastest selling in 2023, and stage three is now live. But why are crypto investors so excited about Tradecurve?

Tradecurve looks to solve many of the exchange markets biggest issues and in particular, the lack of centralized alternatives for purchasing assets. While some decentralized exchanges exist, they're extremely complicated for new investors and little to no support is offered.

With Tradecurve, investors can enjoy the benefits of a decentralized exchange with several educational tools and subscriptions to improve their performance. In addition, Tradecurve will let investors buy one of the markets biggest range of assets, offering both DeFi and derivatives from a single account.

Tradecurve tokens have already increased by 50% during the project's presale, and are on track to increase from $0.015 to $0.018. This rapid growth has attracted thousands of investors, with over 88 million TCRV tokens already sold thus far.

Why Are Investors Choosing Tradecurve?

It's no secret that investors are losing confidence in traditional centralized exchanges. Since the collapse of FTX negative headlines have swamped the market, with top exchanges constantly being criticized for their use of investors' funds.

With Tradecurve, investors will maintain full custody of their assets and can remain anonymous while trading. This gives investors full control of how their assets are used and limits the risk of an exchange misusing their funds.

Within the first three months of its launch, Tradecurve aims to attract 100,000 users to its platform, using $20 million raised during its presale to develop its ecosystem and become a top three exchange in just a few years.

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