Ethereum-Based Rollblock (RBLK) Gains Popularity Over Layer 2 Tokens Like Polygon (MATIC) and Arbitrum (ARB)


Polygon and Arbitrum have been some of the most sought tokens in the market because of their fast and secure Layer 2 systems. Nevertheless, a project based on Ethereum, Rollblock is ready to shake up the competition. This crypto ICO has many attractive features as it begins to make waves in the $450 billion gaming industry, thus, Rollblock has become extremely sought after by investors looking for high potential returns after seeing a 40% rise in value in just three weeks!

Polygon (MATIC) Suffers a Major Price Correction 

Polygon (MATIC) has also retraced on the weekly chart because there is lackluster interest in the project at the moment. Analyzing the weekly chart, one can conclude that the Polygon coin is in a bearish state now as its price has decreased by 8%, and the trading volume is declining.

The value of the Polygon token has been exchanging hands at the $0.6917 – $0.7492 range. Due to the poor sentiment, investors are now moving to projects like Rollblock, whose popularity has blown the crypto community away. Nevertheless, analysts have predicted that the altcoin will rise to $0.9431 in the next few trading sessions.

Arbitrum (ARB) Losing Popularity To Meme Coins and Gaming Tokens 

ARB, the native token of the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, Arbitrum (ARB), is trading above the 20-day exponential moving average (EMA) after witnessing a small price uptick of 0.5% on the weekly chart and 14.3% on the monthly chart. The altcoin, which gained popularity in the market due to its airdrop, is losing its fame.

Gaming tokens and meme coins have taken over the market with their bullish price trajectory and utility. While this is the case, analysts have not given up on Arbitrum. They are expecting new developments and upcoming projects to push the Arbitrum coin, ARB, to become one of the best altcoins to buy.

Rollblock (RBLK): The DeFi Project Taking Over the Gambling Space

Rollblock (RBLK) is an Ethereum-based casino gaming project that is gaining momentum in the gaming market. The goal of Rollblock is to merge the benefits of centralized and decentralized gaming to take over the gaming market, which is worth over $450 billion. Getting just a fraction of this $450billion is enough to thrust the Rollblock platform up the charts over the coming months. Statista data shows that the number of people and users in the gaming market is 281.3 million. Therefore, the estimated number of active users means that there is enormous growth potential for Rollblock in the gaming industry.

To make hay from these numbers, Rollblock intends to invite them into a very secure and transparent gaming environment. This will be achieved by playing every game, making bets, and carrying out every transaction on the blockchain. This allows the gamblers to lay down their bets without having to worry that someone can fix the results in a certain manner. Fairness and transparency are problems that have plagued the traditional gambling industry.

Besides this, Rollblock has very high liquidity and earnings will be paid out very quickly. This is good for gamers who win large amounts of money. Meanwhile, gamers can maximize their gaming experience by holding the RBLK, with VIP bonuses, rakebacks and a unique revenue share model. Rollblock will share up to 30% of their weekly revenue with holders by buying back RBLK from the open market. Half the tokens are burned and the other half are used as staking rewards, which will offer holders some of the most lucrative passive income opportunities in the crypto space. The token is trading at $0.014 and has been predicted to rise to $3-$5 before this bull cycle ends, positioning it as one of the best altcoins to buy.

Final Words 

Rollblock's gaming capability and association with the $450 billion gambling industry means it could become bigger than Polygon and Arbitrum. As for the Rollblock project, to maximize potential returns, it is recommended to invest at the moment by acquiring RBLK tokens in the ongoing crypto ICO. Other than the price increase that one may get with RBLK, analysts tip this presale star to generate 100x returns over the coming months!

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