Dogecoin Price Slumps as SLERF and Raboo Shine in Booming Meme Market


Although the Dogecoin price action hasn’t exactly set the world ablaze, it remains the meme market’s undisputed leader as the #1 meme coin by market capitalization. However, as evidenced by the rise of newer, more exciting meme coins like SLERF and Raboo, Dogecoin is facing stiff competition. Raboo, meanwhile, is set to become one of the biggest gainers in the meme market of 2024, and its presale is being tipped as one of the can’t-miss investment opportunities of the year.

Dogecoin price rebounds after rough start to May

Dogecoin is the top dog in the meme market, and that much is for sure. And, with a $21.6 billion capitalization, it is easily a household name. Dogecoin price peaked to high heavens in 2021, registering eye-watering gains and minting fortunes for early Dogecoin holders in its once-in-a-lifetime parabolic run.

However, not even the most deluded Dogecoin moonboy will believe that it could recreate its 2021 chart in 2024—not with its market cap. At this point, Dogecoin is more of an “index” for the meme coin market rather than an investment with the potential to go on another 100x in the next cycle. The Dogecoin price took a tumble to start May, falling to $0.12, but has since bounced back in the past week. Dogecoin price predictions peg the meme coin to run anywhere from 2x to 5x in the next bull cycle at most.

SLERF loses steam

SLERF is one of the meme coins that made waves during Solana’s meme market boom phase during the first quarter of 2024. Like most meme coins, SLERF relies heavily on its mascot representing a drooling sloth and its ironic humor to garner traction among meme coin degens.

SLERF took over the Solana meme market like a house afire, surging to a $400 million market cap within several days of its launch as it peaked at $1.25 last April. Since then, SLERF has substantially cooled off, falling to $0.2745 at press time. Even still, SLERF has outperformed Dogecoin price action in 2024, with traders who sold at the top making serious banks.

Raboo poised to outperform SLERF and Dogecoin price in 2024

SLERF and Dogecoin have gotten their 15 minutes of fame, with meme coin investors moving on to the next potential 100x gem waiting in the weeds. Raboo has emerged as one of the top contenders for the next meme coin diamond in the rough, with its unique integration of meme coin allure, AI-powered value proposition, and SocialFi post-to-earn mechanics. This gives Raboo a significant advantage over Dogecoin or SLERF, which lack the same level of utility apart from chasing meme pumps.

Not surprisingly, smart money is buying big time into the Raboo presale. Well into stage 3, Raboo's price of just $0.0042 represents a perfect entry point for individuals chasing the parabolic growth of a meme coin with a narrative that could see it hit stratospheric heights.


Raboo is a low-cap blue chip meme coin on the verge of a breakout year—and now is YOUR chance to get in on the action before the rest of the market catches on.

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