Dogecoin Dips, Yet Poised for ‘Major Leap’: Bullish Outlook for Pepe and Raboo Investors


The Dogecoin price had a tough week, dropping nearly 4.3%, yet outpacing Pepe, which fell 8.5%. It was a rough seven days, especially for the bullish crypto market, which excited everyone. However, the downturn week must not be seen as a reversal but a correction, and with prices lower, this is a rare buying opportunity. Meme coins are very hot right now, and getting hold of meme coins like Dogecoin and Pepe Coin and acquiring some Raboo – a new Meme-Fi AI crypto now in presale – may be just the bold move to make crypto portfolios shine.

Dogecoin (DOGE): King of the memes gets second life

Dogecoin spiked in 2021 - before losing just about all of its value. For the next two years, Dogecoin was flat as a table. However, near the end of last year, the markets picked up, and the Dogecoin price is heading north again! The Dogecoin price hiked up a good 116% in year-to-date figures, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

The 4.3% drop in the last week is merely the market correcting itself. The growth was maybe a touch too enthusiastic, and smart investors took their profits, as is good investment practice. The lower Dogecoin price is a loudhailer calling ‘Buy me!’.

Pepe Coin (PEPE): The Most Bullish Crypto On The Market Gets A Haircut

Pepe Coin came out of nowhere. In one of those things internet lore is made of, Pepe Coin stepped onto the scene with a rocket strapped to its back and has returned several million percent since its launch. Anyone who wants to see what a bullish crypto looks like only needs to look at Pepe Coin to see what can be done! 

Pepe’s phenomenal growth is slowing down, it returned  ‘only’ about 900% this year so far and 51% in the last month. But then Pepe lost 8.3% in the last week, could this be the end of the Pepe Party? Probably not. With a market cap of $25 billion, there is enough liquidity in Pepe Coin to sustain itself in the long term. 

Raboo (RABT): Meme Monster Now In Presale.

With memes being so hot right now, it comes as no surprise that new meme coin Raboo’s AI-powered meme generation comes as a game-changer. Raboo’s advanced AI curates and creates high-quality, trending memes to keep the internet culture community curious and engaged.

This isn’t all just for laughs, though. It’s about staying ahead of the curve. Raboo’s AI ensures that the memes evolve with internet culture, making sure Raboo always remains relevant. By consistently delivering fresh content, Raboo raises its hand as an obvious top choice for both crypto enthusiasts and meme lovers.

To springboard this project, Raboo is offering $RABT tokens in a presale offer. The presale is currently in its fourth phase and has already seen $1.6 million in liquidity from 2,500 token holders and 8,000 subscribers.

It is evident that Raboo is setting up to explode as a fast-paced cryptocurrency in a very bullish crypto market, and bolstering a well-balanced portfolio with some Raboo could be the profitable more investors have been waiting for. Analysts predict a 100X for Raboo once it hits the markets. Looking at what Pepe Coin did, 100x may be a lowball estimate.


Meme coins are hotter than a nuclear meltdown, and the Dogecoin price, along with Pepe’s downturn, is an ideal time for a ‘buy low’ opportunity. The bullish crypto market is on pause, not on hold, and coins will still run for several months. Pepe Coin and Dogecoin are available on the open market, and Raboo is available in presale at $0.0048.

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