Cryptocurrency Prices: Luna, Ethereum & EverGrow Coin 

Cryptocurrency Prices: Luna, Ethereum & EverGrow Coin 

Cryptocurrency prices are falling today – so what's going on with Luna, Ethereum & EverGrow Coin?

Ethereum is the leading altcoin thanks to a network that lends itself to new dApps, NFT marketplaces, and other cryptocurrencies. Interest in Ethereum is sky-high in anticipation of The Merge event which should slash Ethereum's high gas fees and slow speeds.

Luna meanwhile has been a top trending cryptocurrency on sites like CoinMarketCap as well as on search engines. The new token was airdropped at the end of May to investors who lost out when the previous Luna (now LUNC) and UST (now USTC) collapsed.

EverGrow Coin meanwhile is a crypto newcomer changing the face of crypto passive income.

EverGrow Coin – $37 million in BUSD rewards

EverGrow Coin has emerged from the crypto crash as the leading reflection token in crypto.

Investors have received more than $37 million in BUSD rewards since EverGrow Coin launched in September last year. BUSD rewards are financed by a 14% transaction tax with 8% set aside for stablecoin rewards, 3% for liquidity, 2% for buyback & burn, and 1% for marketing. 

According to the EverGrow Coin calculator, a $1,000 dollar investment with a daily trading volume of over $3 million could net you $975 in a year – that's nearly a 100% yield on your investment. The EverGrow Coin trading volume has hit these levels on numerous trading days this year however the potential has gained EverGrow Coin thousands of investors during the crypto crash.

In the next few weeks, EverGrow Coin will drop an NFT marketplace and a content subscription platform to ensure steady daily trading volumes of EverGrow Coin to pay for BUSD rewards. 

The EverGrow Coin price is currently $0.0000002064.

Ethereum – fighting for $2,000

Ethereum is trading at a price of $1,763 today. This is a 7% drop in price in the past 24 hours and a 9% loss in the past week.

Ethereum brushed a price of $2,000 a fortnight ago but has been unable to hold above this price since the crypto crash. Before the crash, Ethereum was trading at prices above $3,000. 

Nevertheless, the current Ethereum cryptocurrency price is the lowest since early 2021. This makes now a good time to buy ETH before a market recovery – and especially before The Merge which should improve scalability alongside lowering fees.

Luna – down 16% in price 

The new Terra Luna token took many by surprise when it launched in late May at a price of $15. 

The Luna price went as high as $30 before stabilizing between $6-$7. Today the price of Luna has tanked 16% to fall to $4.35.

Falling prices are not exclusive to Luna. Bitcoin also fell from above $31,000 to under $30k in the past 24 hours. Current Luna prices are some of the lowest seen so far. This could be due to investors who received Luna as compensation for the crash selling off their tokens to make a quick – albeit small – profit. Many Terra dApps and projects are still migrating, making Luna a highly speculative coin at present. 

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