Cryptocurrency hodlers stay positive on Twitter despite crypto crash 

Cryptocurrency hodlers stay positive on Twitter despite crypto crash 

The crypto crash has sent prices tumbling to levels not seen in nearly 18 months.

If you bought Bitcoin at any point since January 2021, your crypto portfolio will be in the red right now. The same could be said for Ethereum, Cardano, BNB, and most other major cryptocurrencies. 

Holding on to investments while thousands start to panic and sell is not easy. Especially when you have bills to pay and everything is getting more expensive due to inflation at levels not seen since 1981 – 8.6%.

And still, cryptocurrency hodlers on Twitter are staying positive – sometimes with investment advice, but mostly with dark humour. Below are a few gems to help you smile and laugh through the crypto crash.

EverGrow Man keeps on hustling

The super hero-like EverGrowMan was a common sight on major British streets after EverGrow Coin launched in September last year.

And on Monday, as the crypto market sank below $1 trillion for the first time since January 2021, EverGrowMan took to the streets to share the good news. (In this case, it was EverGrow Coin – the leading reflection token in crypto with more than $37 million BUSD paid to investors since launch.)

To thanks this super-fan's effort, the EverGrow Coin even decided to reward him 15 billion $EGC. It comes after the EverGrow Coin team also minted 1,500 unique EverGrowMan NFTs to go with their stunning new NFT marketplace, LunaSky.

Bitcoin price – let's be real

The cryptocurrency trader known on Twitter as the Wolf Of All Streets shared one of the realist Bitcoin price charts this week. 

Rather than the usual screenshots of key trading indicators, this time the popular analyst went Etch-a-Sketch to draw random lines all over the chart. He captioned this with: "Really looking forward to the next few months."

Aww, those first-timers 

This Twitter crypto hodler captured sentiment with a meme comparing your 'friend new to crypto' with long-time crypto investors.

Both are getting ready to be hung, but whereas the first-timer grimaces in agony, the experienced trader barely shows a drop of sweat.

When death comes knocking 

This post from CoinEx Memes is one for any of us who convinced friends (and family, let's admit it) to invest in crypto this year.

This week the crypto crash will likely be all your fault. If your friend locked in those losses with a sell, you might be hearing about this for some time. What should you do? According to this meme for the crypto crash, run away as quietly as possible.

Squid games

If you have never watched Squid Game the premise is simple: players risk their lives to win $38 million through a series of deadly children's games.

This popular meme, a player wavers over whether to agree to keep playing the game or stop. The only catch is the game only ends if a majority also agrees to stop. In the crypto crash, that means a choice between selling at a loss (and later regretting it) and 'holding to zero'.
People are still keen to buy crypto 

A new breaking news headline from WatcherGuru carries an interesting statistic – 91% of Americans still want to buy crypto in the next six months.

This was not just any survey, but a survey from the Bank of America. It might seem strange that crypto interest is so high despite the crypto crash. But then again, cryptocurrencies are an industry in which tokens based on popular dog memes have netted 14,000,000% returns within a year.

Popular crypto trader Michael van de Poppe – also the CEO of crypto consultancy Eight – has reason to be bullish on Twitter.

In a series of Tweets, he shared how in 2018 he could 'barely pay his bills' and 'couldn't see the future anymore. Evidently, Van de Poppe kept on hodling as he become one of the most followed crypto analysts on Twitter and CEO of a growing Dutch consultancy firm.

He who shall not be named

Is there a cryptocurrency for wizards?

Whatever it is, Lord Voldemort is currently feeling the effects of the crypto crash as he lays in between worlds after Harry Potter destroyed the last Horcrux – aka, a potential Bitcoin capitulation.

The Ride of Doom

The clip of Mr Bean tampering with the Ride of Doom has been deftly edited to explain the current crypto crash.

Mr Bean is the 'experienced investor' staying firm – and even enjoying himself – as 'new traders' 'panic sellers' and 'leveraged traders' get hurled out of their cinema seats. 

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