Crypto Whales Are Loading Up On These Altcoins For The Week

Crypto Whales Are Loading Up On These Altcoins For The Week

The crypto market has witnessed incredible momentum since the start of the year. It became evident when Bitcoin crossed the $30,000 price mark. Many believe that Bitcoin's recent momentum means one thing – the start of the altcoin season. Not only are altcoins set to offer better gains, but new ones are also ready to provide massive price rallies.

This news certainly delights the crypto whales who are eager to invest massively in these tokens. They have hinted at investing in AiDoge, Copium, SpongeBob, EcoTerra, yPredict, DeeLance, and Launchpad XYZ, among other tokens. Without further ado, let's take a deeper look into the coins that the crypto whales are loading up for the week as well as their unique features and use cases.

AiDoge (AI): An Incredible Crypto Platform That Combines AI and Meme

AiDoge has made an early impression in the meme community thanks to its adoption of AI technology and meme. This integration allows users to create quality memes based on text prompts that align with current crypto trends.

With its presale event recording over $11 million in capital, the meme platform is powered by its native token, $AI, which incentivizes meme creators and provides access to its AI meme-generating ecosystem. Its presale stage continues to sell out rapidly, and you should take your positions early on before further rallies occur.

Copium (COPIUM): A New Meme Coin With Early Success In The Market 

Copium is a new crypto project that made a strong entry into the market. Within its first 24 hours on Uniswap, Copium has achieved a trading volume of $45 million and experienced a massive rally of over 1,000%. With its market cap at around $10 million, Copium has the potential for further growth.

More evident is its NFT collection and airdrop, which has garnered investors' attention. Also, it has secure listings with top CEXs, namely MEXC, LBank, and Poloniex. Despite being a new project, Copium boasts over 16,000 followers on Twitter and has received significant engagement demonstrating the enthusiasm surrounding its launch and prospects. These reasons make Copium an altcoin on crypto whales' radar for the week.

SpongeBob (SPONGE): An Oustanding Meme Platform 

SpongeBob has become a delightful project that has gained several investors' attention. Stepping into the spotlight with no presale stages, SpongeBob became a massive hit in its first few days of the market, recording over $10 million in market cap.

While SpongeBob's trading activity and rally have slowed, top analysts point to a potential rally that could further surge its native token, $SPONGE, into newer highs. As such, it becomes imperative to consider investing in this project before the next rally.

EcoTerra (ECOTERRA): A Revolutionary Eco-friendly Platform With Crypto Incentives 

EcoTerra is an eco-friendly platform allowing users to recycle items easily and be rewarded for actively doing so. With its mobile app, you can scan items, dispose of them, and receive ECOTERRA tokens instantly, which you can trade for cash.

It continues to be a leading green platform, and its partnership with top brands will ensure its success in sustaining the environment and providing better gains. EcoTerra also features a carbon offset marketplace where you can engage in green projects and earn better incentives. The amazing initiatives of this green platform place it high among the altcoins on crypto whales' watchlist.

yPredict (YPRED): A Decentralized Ecosystem For Traders and Developers Seeking To Edge The Crypto Market

yPredict creates a perfect ecosystem where traders and developers can get the best predictive tools to analyze the market effectively. This decentralized platform allows users to develop AI tools to predict crypto market trends, providing a trading edge.

Thanks to its native utility, $YPRED, yPredict allows users full access to top-notch AI prediction tools. Thus, it will enable them to enjoy passive income and help them become effective traders. Indeed, this platform provides a compelling utility highly demanded in the crypto space, and its presale event attests to that. 

DeeLance (DLANCE): A Prominent Web 3.0 Freelancing Platform

DeeLance is an incredible web 3.0 platform ready to revolutionize the freelance sector. This platform aims to resolve the ills of traditional platforms like Fiverr and Upwork by providing better employment, speedy payouts, and less use of intermediaries.

Interestingly, it uses NFT technology, which allows recruiters to tokenize their projects without copyright issues. Also, this freelance platform eases the barrier to entry by ensuring freelancers around the world engage in its platform and earn passive income. Consequently, it remains a major altcoin that crypto whales are gunning for this week.

Launchpad (LPX): A Crypto Platform Ready To Usher Users Into Web 3.0

Launchpad is a crypto platform providing early access to Web 3.0 investments. This platform allows you to invest in the early stages of utility tokens, play-to-earn platforms, and NFTs while providing a decentralized exchange for you to trade their tokens instantly.

Furthermore, Launchpad's native token, LPX, allows you to access these early features and not miss out on its investment opportunities. Its presale event waxes stronger at each subsequent stage, with investors stacking up its native token. This project's entry into Web 3.0 will ensure more users are streamlined into this sector.

Chimpzee (CHMPZ): A Revolutionary Green Platform

Chimpzee is a green cryptocurrency project dedicated to wildlife conservation and climate action. It addresses the urgent need to regenerate forests and prevent the extinction of around one million animal and plant species.

Chimpzee believes traditional initiatives aren't enough and aims to increase engagement and incentivization using blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. While its NFTs launch hasn't started, CHMPZ tokens are available for purchase during the presale, providing advantages in the upcoming NFT launch and other perks.

 Final Thoughts: Invest In These Eight Quality Crypto Picks Of Crypto Whales for The Week

As the crypto market gains bullish momentum, there is no better time than now to stack new and existing altcoins in your digital wallets. Proven by their track records, crypto whales are usually very objective in their investments. As such, endeavor to invest in the tokens we discussed in this article to enjoy massive price rallies when the altcoin run commences. Hurry now, and don't miss out on future gains. 

Disclaimer: Analytics Insight does not provide financial advice or guidance. Also note that the cryptocurrencies mentioned/listed on the website could potentially be scams, i.e. designed to induce you to invest financial resources that may be lost forever and not be recoverable once investments are made. You are responsible for conducting your own research (DYOR) before making any investments. Read more here.

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