Crypto Market Lights Up After BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 Hype With a 1000% Jump, Can Ethereum and ALICE Keep Up?


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's green light for the Ethereum ETF has primed Ethereum to surge past the $4000 threshold, heralding a new era of mainstream recognition. Concurrently, MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) has exhibited a notable 25% increase in value after surpassing the $1.4 resistance mark, signalling robust market traction.

BlockDAG's latest Keynote 2.0, themed "from the moon," has grasped the market's attention with pivotal updates in this vibrant scenario. The introduction of the X1 Miner app and details about the imminent mainnet launch catalyzed an 11% increase in BlockDAG's valuation with the initiation of Batch 17. With the presale making rapid strides, BlockDAG is setting up to be a standout crypto this June.

Ethereum ETF Poised to Propel ETH Beyond $4000  

Following the SEC’s endorsement of the Ethereum Exchange-Traked Fund, anticipation is high for Ethereum’s value to climb above $4000. This ETF endorsement not only amplifies Ethereum's exposure but also solidifies its legitimacy, enabling broader investor engagement akin to conventional stocks.


Jan van Eck, CEO of VanEck, celebrated the ETH ETF approval as a historic regulatory milestone, set to boost Ethereum’s appeal and price. This advancement is a crucial step toward the cryptocurrency’s mainstream integration, placing Ethereum as a prime contender in the crypto sphere for June 2024.

MyNeighborAlice Achieves Market Breakthrough  

Without significant announcements driving momentum, ALICE's price soared by 25% following a break above the $1.4 level, a barrier for over a month. A recent competition with a $150 prize may have spurred additional interest in ALICE, which has appreciated nearly 300% since September 2022, before a 150% drop. This recent surge might mark the commencement of another optimistic market phase, drawing keen traders.


BlockDAG's Keynote 2.0 Delivers Compelling Insights  

BlockDAG's latest keynote, broadcast from a lunar-themed setting, delivered pivotal updates that captivated its audience. Highlights from the event included the launch of the beta version of the X1 Miner app and significant enhancements in blockchain technology.

The presentation detailed remarkable progress in BlockDAG's blockchain evolution, featuring the integration of new BlockDAG Nodes, Smart Contract Transactions, and Asset Balances. With the mainnet launch anticipated within four months, these developments are expected to transform the cryptocurrency landscape significantly. The presale's impressive performance, now generating $500,000 daily, further demonstrates BlockDAG's robust growth and market acceptance.


Additionally, BlockDAG's utilization of its Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture enhances the speed of transaction processing, ensuring nearly instantaneous confirmations. This capability is vital for handling high-volume, urgent transactions efficiently. BlockDAG also underpins the system for collecting transaction fees, which helps sustain the network's infrastructure and provides rewards for validators. With the network's capacity to handle 10,000-15,000 transactions per second at minimal costs and almost immediate confirmation times, BlockDAG is set to redefine digital transactions, offering a powerful, decentralized solution for peer-to-peer exchanges.

BlockDAG Dominates the Crypto Landscape  

BlockDAG distinguishes itself by using cutting-edge technology and strategic planning. The enthusiasm surrounding the Ethereum ETF and ALICE’s price uptick reflects the broad spectrum of opportunities in the crypto industry. With the presale now amassing $46.4 million and advancing to Batch 17, priced at $0.011, BlockDAG is not merely participating but spearheading the cryptocurrency revolution. The ongoing presale and transformative trajectory of BlockDAG highlight its status as a prominent crypto contender for June 2024.


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