Crypto Clash: BEER and 100x SocialFi Sensation Raboo Surge, Leaving Dogecoin Trailing Behind


The cryptocurrency world has recently recorded a major increase in crypto activities. Investors are making efforts to not miss out on the profits in the market.

Projects such as BeerCoin have in the last month put smiles on its holders. Even though the ICO coin only recently launched, it has maintained an upward trend for a while now.  Dogecoin is another top cryptocurrency, showing great investment opportunities. 

However, with meme coins constantly growing in popularity, Raboo, an intriguing AI-backed meme project, is anticipated to become a hot commodity in the cryptocurrency space. Raboo ($RABT) is expected to have a 100x gain in value this year after it is listed on major exchange platforms. Raboo has already made over $1.6 Million during its presale surge.

BEER: Upward trend attracts investors 

BeerCoin is a meme coin that has been drawing attention due to its recent performance. BeerCoin is currently trading at $0.000470, with a 24-hour gain of 65.69%. The meme coin has over the last month shown a return of 353.07%, showing signs of bullish momentum. BEER has now surpassed its previous ATH of $0.000227.

The BeerCoin price is still in the confines of the ascending parallel channel, increasing the odds for further upside. The bulls have really taken over the coin as BeerCoin is about to reach the $0.0005 resistance mark. Token holders are sure to realize more gains.

Analysts predict that although there might be a little retracement, the uptrend is mostly likely continuing. However, investors are questioning if it is a great time to still invest in BeerCoin. Although the new Crypto ICO has only recently launched, it is set to put smiles on its investors.

Dogecoin attempts to regain past losses

Dogecoin price has increased by 1.19% in the past month. It now trades at $0.1627 with a 2.04% increase in the last 24 hours. The market capitalization of Dogecoin is $23.7 billion. As a result, it now stands as the eighth cryptocurrency in the market.

Despite the present strong sentiment, latest projections indicate that Dogecoin's price would decline by 13.93% to $0.139 by the end of June.

Based on its price performance earlier in the year, cryptocurrency analysts anticipate that Dogecoin will remain stable in June 2024 with an average rate of $0.161.

Raboo continues to attract Investors worldwide 

Raboo is a fascinating meme coin driven by artificial intelligence that functions through advanced technology and persistent meme hunting. In order to create a community where meme coin aficionados can communicate and connect, it incorporates SocialFi mechanics.

The more an investor posts and interacts with Raboo, the more token rewards they can receive. With a presale token of over $1.6 Million raised, the overall presale token supply of $RABT is 1,800,000,000. Raboo is currently in Stage 4 of its presale, and each token is valued at $0.0048, a 60% rise from its Stage one price of $0.003. Raboo's value can still rise by 233% before launch, according to many analysts.

This is a sign that Investors are interested in Raboo and pushing its value higher. Raboo aims to become top 20 cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization. By its current momentum there's a great chance it’ll achieve this.


BEER since its launch has made massive profits for its holders. Dogecoin on the other hand, although is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies is still creating doubt in the mind of its investors. Amongst the many great investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market in 2024 is Raboo. The meme coin that has attracted the interest of numerous investors due to its brilliant innovation.

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