Crypto ATM Market to Reach $400M Soon! Can it Aid the Staggering Crypto Market?

Crypto ATM Market to Reach $400M Soon! Can it Aid the Staggering Crypto Market?

It is a big deal for crypto investors to have the global crypto ATM market hitting US$400m!

If any crypto investor follows the simultaneous trends in the crypto ATM market and in the cryptocurrency market respectively one finds them utterly contradictory. In less than five years the crypto ATM market is slated to reach US$400 million. The amount is quite impressive. But for quite a long time the crypto market itself is very sluggish, and one can say that it is going through a disastrous phase. Obviously, when crypto investors take note of the two developments side by side the question that comes to one's mind is whether and if yes, to what extent the rising crypto ATM market can come to the aid of the sliding crypto market. Will the parallel lines meet? That is precisely the question.

The global crypto ATM Market is estimated to be around US$46.45 million now. It is projected to reach US$472.18 million by 2027, which to the compound annual growth rate is an increase of 59%. The market dynamics are at play here involving various micro- and macro-economic factors for crypto investors in this crypto market. The sustenance of such a growth rate concerns price, demand and supply, and very importantly the dynamics concern human emotions. We have just seen how human emotions played a crucial role in the declining trust in cryptocurrency and how it led to the disaster in the crypto market in 2022.

There are important drivers which need to be studied to analyze the degree to which the crypto ATM market will continue to calibrate itself and be strong enough to rescue the sagging crypto market. Some such drivers are growing remittances and fund transfers in developing countries, fluctuating monetary regulations, and a substantial increase in crypto ATM installations around the world. To note, the developing countries are to play a vital role in the process as they have significant potential for the growth of the crypto market as such. When it comes to crypto ATM installations the forerunner has been the US, followed by Canada. But a vast space remains unexplored in both the developed and the developing world in the cryptocurrency domain.

Another important factor, which is often coming in the way of the growth of the crypto market, is the regulatory mechanisms. Unpredictable regulatory ambiance, lack of awareness of cryptocurrencies and their functions, and lack of technical knowledge and understanding of the crypto have had very adverse effects on the crypto domain. Unless there is a significant improvement in this arena the perceived rescue act will be facing major hurdles and it is crucial for crypto investors in the nearby future.

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