Crypto Analysts Predict Major Bull Run For Solana - New Altcoins Poised For Greatness


Solana is ready for a bull run, analysts say. The project returned after a few difficult years, and now its price movements suggest massive investor gains.

But how will Solana's bull run affect other altcoins?

Analysts agree that new altcoins poised for greatness, like PlayDoge, Pepe Unchained, WienerAI, and Base Dawgz, could capitalize massively.

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Solana price prediction 2024 - 2030

Crypto analyst Ali predicts a 53% surge for Solana if $SOL breaks the $178 resistance level. If Solana sustains the current momentum, it will set the stage for massive gains.

Optimism regarding Solana's bull run is further enhanced by the growing network activity. Data from IntoTheBlock show a surge in daily active addresses on Solana, indicating price hikes.

And despite the price fall in 2022, Solana's recovery almost mirrored Bitcoin's price movement. Analysts at Coindcx predict an 81% surge for Solana, saying the new $SOL high will be at $259. The potential approval of spot Solana ETF could push Solana's price to over $1k.

Looking long-term, Solana could hit between $280 and $350 in 2025 and $580 to $610 by the end of 2030.

The Solana bull run will cause upward movement for other altcoins. Experts put high hopes into new altcoins, PlayDoge, Pepe Unchained, WienerAI, and Base Dawgz, believing they are ready for success.

Here is more about them.

PlayDoge is the best new Play 2 Earn meme altcoin


PlayDoge revives the virtual pet frenzy by adapting the classic Tamagotchi pet game into a virtual game. The new and modern Tamagotchi comes with high-definition graphics, touchscreen controls, direct pet interaction, and blockchain integration. PlayDoge redefines Web3 gaming by merging cryptocurrency, staking, and nostalgic gameplay.

Players earn $PLAY tokens by caring for their Doge pets. The care includes feeding, entertaining, sleeping, and training. The more care you provide, the more tokens you gain. Gaming places you on the leaderboard and increases your chances of winning additional rewards and tokens.

Players can also stake $PLAY tokens for a 114% APY. This new altcoin became a multichain project and started supported staking on both Ethereum and Binance. Cointribune reports PlayDoge is progressing quickly through its presale, holding a massive potential for future growth. This P2E meme coin has secured over $5.3 million in funding. Those interested should act fast; PlayDoge will enter the next presale stage in less than a day!

Pepe Unchained is the top new altcoin poised for greatness

Pepe Unchained

Pepe Unchained is a new meme coin project and an advanced version of Pepe Coin. The project introduces a Layer 2 blockchain, offering speed, security, and low fees. Pepe Unchained can offer all this thanks to the bridging with the Ethereum blockchain. The Pepe Chain and Ethereum combo ensures minimal transaction fees, higher transaction capacity (100x faster than Ethereum), and a dedicated block explorer.

Pepe Unchained wants to free Pepe from traditional Layer 1 limitations, providing unprecedented speed and efficiency. This means Pepe Unchained is the world's first Pepe token on its chain! Further, this new altcoin poised for greatness offers a unique opportunity to double your staking rewards while retaining the beloved Froggy essence adored in the crypto sphere. Current staking rewards are a staggering 1078%!

Pepe Unchained is on presale, having raised over $1.8 million in funding. The project will increase the price in less than two days, so if you want to get $PEPU - hurry! Some media outlets think Pepe Unchained could be the next big meme coin and the next Pepe!

WienerAI is the best new AI altcoin


WienerAI combines memes and AI, offering a beginner-friendly, instant, and intuitive AI-backed platform. The AI trading bot, which is in development and expected to launch soon, helps investors find the next top trade. This trading bot enables coin swaps without fees and enhances your market trading capabilities, giving you a market advantage.

The blend of AI and memes gives WienerAI a unique market advantage. Previous projects with this combo had massive success, so analysts expect the same from WienerAI.

WienerAI also offers passive income through staking, with a 164% APY. Price predictions suggest $WAI could reach $0.002 in 2024, $0.003 by 2025, and $0.004 by 2030. This meme ICO has so far raised nearly $7 million in funding. As the launch date approaches, experts are persuaded this AI-powered meme coin will be the next 100x meme coin. WienerAI will enter the next presale stage in less than two days, so if you want to invest, hurry before that happens.

Base Dawgz is the best Base altcoin!

Base Dawgz, a new Base meme coin, supports multichain purchases, staking rewards, and Share-to-Earn functionality. The project operates on Ethereum, Solana, Binance, and Avalanche. This multichain functionality allows investors to claim, store, and trade $DAWGZ on these networks.

Participants can stake coins on the Ethereum network or engage in social media airdrops. The project rewards anyone who creates and shares memes or other content about $DAWGZ on social media. Each post earns points, redeemable for $DAWGZ tokens after the presale ends.

Experts forecast Base Dawgz could become the next 100x meme gem. Some predictions suggest Base Dawgz could play a significant role in future Base chain growth, potentially emerging as the next major crypto phenomenon. This new meme coin ICO has already gathered over $2 million in funding. Base Dawgz will advance into the next presale stage soon, so if you're interested in investing, act quickly!

Conclusion. The new altcoins poised for greatness

The anticipated bull run for Solana promises substantial gains not only for $SOL but also for an array of emerging altcoins. As analysts project significant surges in Solana's value, new players such as PlayDoge, Pepe Unchained, WienerAI, and Base Dawgz will capitalize. These new altcoins poised for greatness are not just riding the crypto wave; they redefine the boundaries of blockchain capabilities.

As the crypto market evolves, these promising projects could bring substantial rewards for early adopters. Keep a close eye on these projects, as in the next few years, they could grow and become the top altcoins.

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