Celestia Shows Positive Signals in Price Surge, While Notcoin and Angry Pepe Fork Spark Bullish Wave

Angry Pepe Fork

After having been in a free-fall for the most part of this year, Celestia (TAI) has, in recent weeks, begun flashing bullish signals that the possibility could lead to a 100% price increase. Notcoin (NOT) and Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) have been the coins of the month, outpacing even the top altcoins to lead the recent bull run.

Celestia (TIA) Recovers Key Support Level, Shows Positive Signals 

Similar to many other altcoins, Celestia (TIA) had an impressive start to the year, hitting the price of $20.85 on February 10. But up to the present, the price of Celestia has been decreasing drastically and reached as low as $8.05 in mid-May. Since then, TIA has been in recovery mode and touched a monthly high of $11.9 in June.

Even though there is a slight pullback from the highs that have been set for the month, the price of Celestia altcoin is still trading above the $10 mark. Decilizer has said that the outlook of Celestia is optimistic, and the altcoin price may reach $20 as long as it holds above the present support.

Notcoin (NOT) Surges Over 400%, Sparks Bullish Wave

Notcoin (NOT), which was initially dumped after its airdrop, has been on the rise, becoming the best-performing altcoin with a 400 percent gain. Thus, following its magnificent recovery, the price of Notcoin has achieved several ATH in the past week, with the recent one at $0. 02900 range.

The Notcoin price has been on a rally because its play-to-earn game, integrated as a Telegram Mini App, has attracted over 30 million users. The altcoin price has also followed social interest, as noted by AlphaScan. With momentum still on the side of Notcoin, it could look to breach the $0.0300 level in the coming weeks.

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) To Lead Bullish Wave With New Earning Model

One of the top altcoins that have been predicted to dominate for the rest of this year’s bull market is Angry Pepe Fork (APORK). While it is linked to the famous Pepe meme coin, APORK is unlike the rest of its competitors, with the Solana-based meme coin fusing utility and earning opportunities into its platform.

Firstly, Angry Pepe Fork has designed a new protocol known as “Conquer to Earn.” This mechanism incentivizes community members as they help Angry Pepe Fork in conquering the market. The aim is to rid the meme coin space of zombie coins offering no utility. Members of the Angry Pepe Fork army earn collectively through staking, where the APY increases the more zombie meme coins we conquer.

The bigger Angry Pepe Fork becomes, the higher the earnings contributors will get, giving them a steady source of passive income. Given that Angry Pepe Fork is the new player in the market with the aim of rejuvenating the meme coin space, the project has already received much attention from the community in its early stages.

The project’s native token is APORK, and as of the time of writing this, it is valued at $0.014 in the first stage of its presale. Experts have noted that APORK can become one of the best coins to invest in as the project will attract many users this year, and the maximum value of the asset can reach $3.


Celestia and Notcoin are two top altcoins that have performed outstandingly over the last few weeks. Nevertheless, these altcoins are certain to continue their growth within this bull cycle but do not hold a candle to the opportunity that is APORK. With a new model that could be the future of meme coins, APORK becomes one of the best coins to invest in for massive returns this year.

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