Celestia and Raboo Surge Amid Dogecoin Dips: Meme Market Buzzes with Optimism


Crypto investment portfolios are waiting for the inevitable explosion that will come during the course of this year. The DogWifHat price is a testament to what meme coins can do, despite a slight 5% dip in the Dogecoin price over the last week. Speed queen Celestia also climbed appreciably in the last 7 days, while the Raboo presale is seeing even more influx as crypto investment enthusiasts hedge their bets.

Dogecoin (DOGE) & DogWifHat (WIF): Meme Coin Market Sets The Tone

The DogWifHat price is actually showing signs of slowing down after an incredible rocket sled ride shooting past the moon and into the stars, while Dogecoin price dipped slightly in the last week. Dogecoin is now the #8 ranked coin, above Toncoin, and fast closing in on XRP. Considering DogWifHat did not even exist 6 months ago, it is sitting at #30, with the DogWifHat price returning well north of 1000x since it was released. 

What DogWifHat and Dogecoin prove is that meme coins are not to be ignored. They may be frivolous by nature, but they underpin solid investment fundamentals. Meme coins are hot as molten iron right now, and as long as the Dogecoin and DogWifHat prices do what they are doing and climb the rankings, Meme coins will make solid investments.

Celestia (TIA): Bespoke Blockchain Bounces Back

Celestia is all about rapid dApp development. While other chains brag about faster block times, Celestia wants to take the trophy for the fastest development platform on the crypto market. Celestia is technically brilliant, and its price reflects this brilliance. Celestia gave a 10x return in the first two months as it saw extreme adoption rates. However, Celestia burned hot and fast, and the coin lost 50% of its value as the early adopters dried up. 

Now its resurgence time, and Celestia gained almost 20% in the last week as this super-fast development chain sees a return of crypto investment action.

Raboo (RABT): Meme Coin Contender Bounces Into Liquidity Bubble

With the meme coin market making millionaires, crypto investment specialists are looking for the next coin to explode, and they’ve found their answer in the Raboo presale. Presales hold a special place in the hearts of investors, as this is where the big money lies. Raboo has lured investors to its ongoing presale to the tune of $1.6 million in liquidity from its 2,400 token holders and 7,600 subscribers. 

The reason for this is obvious: Raboo is a meme-fi AI token embracing all the hot growth areas in the cryptosphere: Meme coins, AI crypto, DeFi coins, and even an NFT market – not to mention governance rights! The third phase of the Raboo presale is sold out, and investors looking to partake in the hottest presale of the year are urged to seriously consider adding some Raboo to their crypto portfolios.


As the DogWifHat price and Dogecoin market cap prove, there is a lot of interest in meme coins right now, while Celestia is gaining support for its rapid development platform. Crypto investment is at a high right now, and investors are staking their claim across an array of tokens and staking a claim in the Raboo presale, where tokens are available at $0.0048.

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