Bonk and Myro Rally, What's Fueling Them and Discover the 40% Rise of New Crypto Raboo?


Bonk and Myro were among the most notable meme coins that came out of the Solana ecosystem earlier this year. Both meme coins have soared to improbable heights, rewarding early investors who have held all the way through their respective all-time highs. Myro and Bonk have been the best-performing Solana meme coins by a long shot.

However, crypto whale investors are moving on from Bonk and Myro and into newer, more exciting projects like AI and SocialFi meme coin Raboo. Analysts believe Raboo could be the next meme coin to recreate Dogecoin price-like gains in 2024, with a 100x well within reach.

Bonk turns in major gains after a slow start to the month

Bonk was among the best-performing Solana meme coins over the past year—if not THE best performer of them all. The rise of Bonk was reminiscent of the rise in Dogecoin price back at the latter’s 2021 all-time highs. First airdropped to Solana addresses back in 2022, Bonk has surged to a $2.6 Billion Market cap as of press time.

In the past week, BONK prices have surged by 11%, turning in a rally for BONK crypto whale members who have been diligently holding throughout the peaks and troughs. BONK has outperformed the Dogecoin price action all throughout 2024.

Myro follows suit with a 28% gain in the past week

Myro is a meme coin that launched in Q4 2023. Named after Solana co-founder Raj Gokal’s pet dog, MYRO went on a major run in Q1 2024, peaking at all-time highs of $0.4428 in March.

Like most Solana meme coins, Myro followed a trajectory similar to the epic Dogecoin price run of 2021, putting plenty of early Myro holders in profit. The meme coin is in the midst of a major rally, turning a 28% gain in the past week and a whopping 93.98% in the past month.

Ambitious new SocialFi/AI meme coin Raboo targeting a 100x run

Raboo is turning heads after its presale has raised over $1.5 million as of stage 3 of its presale. The AI/SocialFi meme coin’s presale has drawn the attention of major crypto whale communities taking out early positions. Raboo is positioning itself within the important artificial intelligence narrative that will drive the next bull market, combining AI sophistication with SocialFi and post-to-earn mechanics.

Raboo rewards community members who create memes using Raboo’s AI generator and distributes them through social media, allowing them to earn $RABT tokens for their efforts. With a low entry price of just $0.0042 as of stage 3, Raboo is on a Dogecoin price trajectory in 2024.

Analysts believe Raboo can easily smash past a 100x this year, given its low-cap status and strong value proposition. Investors looking for the elusive parabolic gain are buying into Raboo in droves, with a 3x gain in presale token price increases as another incentive.

The final word

The meme coin most likely to follow Dogecoin price trajectory in 2024 isn’t BONK or MYRO, which have already peaked. Instead, the meme coin most likely to recreate Dogecoin price charts in 2024 is Raboo. Don’t miss out on this low-cap gem.

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