BNB, KangaMoon and BlockDAG Price Shows Experts The Bulls Are In The Ascendancy


Amid the positive movements of both Binance Coin and BlockDAG, KangaMoon joins this league of bullish coins as their prices reveal to experts that the bulls are in the ascendancy. Let us find out why the bonus stage of KangaMoon’s presale is making a lot of waves in the meme coin market.

Binance Coin Price Analysis

The Binance Coin price has spent the last few days clinging to moving averages. This scenario demonstrates the increasing hesitancy of bulls and bears. The flat moving averages and RSI just below the neutral line clearly support neither bulls nor bears. The Binance Coin price chart indicates that this may signify that the bears are taking control if the coin’s price drops below the triangle's support line. In this scenario, the price of the BNB/USDT pair may fall to $536.

On the other hand, the bulls may take the lead if the price moves up from the support line and breaks above the resistance level. The $635 overall resistance level may then be revisited by the pair as evident on the Binance Coin price chart. Meanwhile, the altcoin is currently trading around the $619 mark.

BlockDAG Price Skyrockets

BlockDAG is celebrating big accomplishments as the crypto market gets more and more exciting. One of these is a massive redesign of its dashboard, which displays investor rankings and holdings. Transparency and user interaction are increased by this calculated improvement. The BlockDAG coin is launching major dashboard improvements intended to increase user engagement and offer more transparency throughout the platform.

The new ranking system, which shows investor positions and the investments required to move up to higher levels, is a major aspect of the BlockDAG coin update. With this gamified component, users are supposed to be more competitive and involved. For instance, a 700% growth in the BlockDAG price to $0.008 has allowed an original $7000 investment for $0.001 to rise to $52,500.

KangaMoon (KANG) Is Among The Top Meme Coins

Because of its presale performance, KangaMoon (KANG) has become more well-known to the general public amid the current meme coin craze. In addition, KANG has nearly reached $7 million and has over 32,000 registered users at the moment. The primary goal of KangaMoon is to profit from the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming market, which is expected to generate $885 million in revenue by 2028.

The team intends to develop a play-to-earn (P2E) game in which users may purchase items with KANG and level up their characters. KANG will gain from this development, and it will gain more than 99% of other hype-driven memecoins.

Each KANG is currently valued at $0.025—400% higher than its initial pricing of $0.005—during the bonus stage of its presale. Analysts, however, predict that KANG might rise 100x if it is listed on a Tier-1 CEX like BitMart, which has announced the token's impending IPO.

CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, interestingly enough, have already listed KANG. Because KANG is expected to rise rapidly, cryptocurrency aficionados are enthused about it, making it one of the top meme coins to purchase right now.

Will KangaMoon Rise Faster Than Binance Coin and BlockDAG?

Since KangaMoon has a small market capitalization at the moment, pumping the price is less costly. Hence, KANG has the ability to overtake Binance Coin and BlockDAG in terms of the speed of price increases. This is made feasible by KANG's small market size, which establishes it as a credible meme coin.

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