BlockDAG's Presale Reaches $34M Following Dashboard Update Amid Ethereum's Price Surge & Jupiter Exchange


While Ethereum maintains a steady price despite recent gains, the Giant Unified Market capitalizes on Jupiter Exchange to merge various markets into one comprehensive platform.

However, BlockDAG's dashboard enhancement, showcasing top investors and its pioneering low-code, no-code approach, has advanced the project to its 15th batch, securing nearly $33.9 million and selling approximately 9.9 billion coins. With a potential 800% price surge, BlockDAG is rapidly becoming a leading cryptocurrency to consider.

Ethereum's Price Outlook: Steady Yet Uncertain

Ethereum's price holds firm, although uncertainties linger amidst recent upswings. Despite a price rise over the past week, trading volumes have dropped to $23 billion, notably lower than earlier in the week.


This decline in market participation casts doubts about continuing the price rise. Ethereum aims higher, but traders should be wary of possible retractions. The evident upward trend and increased volatility present opportunities, yet the reduced trading volume might indicate more profound issues.

GUM Utilizes Jupiter Exchange for Global Market Integration

The Giant Unified Market (GUM) initiative aims to unify diverse markets into a single accessible platform using the Solana blockchain and Jupiter Exchange. GUM intends to integrate a variety of assets, including meme coins, stocks, and forex, through Solana, enabling cost-effective transactions.

Supported by prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry, GUM focuses on broadening asset listings, boosting liquidity, and easing users' access globally. The GUM Alliance, with its team of asset management and liquidity experts, underpins this endeavor.


BlockDAG’s Innovative Dashboard and User-Friendly Platform

BlockDAG, hailed as the most sophisticated layer 1 blockchain in the world, has launched a Low-Code/No-Code Platform that facilitates the effortless creation of smart contracts. This intuitive platform enables users to develop utility tokens, meme coins, and NFTs without deep coding knowledge.

The Proof of Engagement Mobile Application enhances this offering by boosting user interaction and scalability while significantly lowering transaction costs, thus making blockchain technology accessible to a wider audience.

Recently, BlockDAG introduced a significant update to its dashboard, setting new industry benchmarks with improved functionality and immediate updates. One notable feature is the 'Leaderboard Preview,' which details the top 30 investors and their USD purchases.


This fresh feature adds a competitive edge to user involvement, organizing users into categories by their investment amounts: Crab ($0-$99), Tortoise ($100-$999), Fish ($1,000-$9,999), Shark ($10,000-$49,999), and Whale ($50,000 and above). This tiered system not only motivates more substantial investments but also builds community spirit and competitive interaction among participants, greatly enhancing the user experience on the platform.

Closing Thoughts

Despite ongoing concerns about recent gains, Ethereum's price remains stable. Simultaneously, the Giant Unified Market strategically uses Jupiter Exchange to consolidate multiple markets into one accessible platform. Conversely, BlockDAG's revolutionary dashboard update has redefined its platform, introducing a 'Leaderboard Preview' that organizes top investors into competitive categories, fostering community engagement and competition.

With its user-friendly platform enabling the easy creation of smart contracts, utility tokens, meme coins, and NFTs, BlockDAG is democratizing blockchain access. Noteworthy presale results of $33.9 million and the sale of 9.9 billion coins as it advances to batch 15 underscore BlockDAG's status as a top cryptocurrency to invest in.


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