BlockDAG's Moon Keynote 2 Unveils X1 Miner Beta App, Drawing Investors as Dogeverse Presale Ends


In the dynamic arena of cryptocurrency presales, where every player strives to shine, BlockDAG has truly set itself apart with its recent Moon Keynote 2. The event unveiled substantial upgrades in its Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology, revolutionizing how data integrity and transaction speeds are maintained ensuring rapid and secure transactions distinct from traditional blockchain models.

At this event, BlockDAG also announced an upcoming doxxing event to introduce its fully human team, reinforcing its commitment to transparency and strengthening trust in its mission. BlockDAG’s worldwide marketing strategies and strategic alliances have significantly elevated its stature and trust within the crypto community, earning $41.6 million in presales.

The Launch Of X1 Miner App Beta Version

Further emphasizing its innovative edge, BlockDAG rolled out the beta version of its X1 Miner App for Android and Apple users. This application allows users to mine BDAG coins directly from their mobile devices, featuring user onboarding, access to presale rounds, and a profitable refer-a-friend program to boost earnings before the mainnet launch.

The unveiling of Keynote 2 and the X1 Miner App's beta release have sparked global excitement, propelling BlockDAG’s presale to impressive heights with $41.6 million raised and over 10.7 billion BDAG coins distributed, solidifying its position as a leading crypto contender.


A Look at Dogeverse as Its Presale Concludes

Dogeverse’s presale ended on June 3rd, 2024, at 10 AM UTC, leaving investors with coins priced at $0.00031. As it transitions to its full launch, the real test of $DOGEVERSE’s value and utility looms large with its upcoming listing on decentralized exchanges around June 10th. This marks a moment of truth for investors, whose anticipation mixes with apprehension about the project’s ability to live up to its presale buzz.

While the Dogeverse community remains engaged, the end of the initial presale rush has planted seeds of doubt about the coin's market performance. Will those who skipped the investment miss out, or have they avoided a potential downfall? The forthcoming days will reveal the true market response as Dogeverse shifts from presale to active trading.


BlockDAG Draws Investors with Promises of Exceptional Returns

As Dogeverse’s appeal wanes post-presale, the spotlight intensifies on BlockDAG, which is nearing its Mainnet launch and integration with EVM and MetaMask. The platform’s presale is booming, currently pulling in $500k daily with potential to escalate to $5 million, reflecting a surge in investor confidence far surpassing the interest in Dogeverse.


Why Investors Are Shifting from Dogeverse to BlockDAG

With BlockDAG’s coin price at $0.0095 in batch 16 and projected to soar to $1 by the Mainnet launch, the anticipated 30,000x ROI is tantalizing for early backers. This contrasts starkly with Dogeverse’s closing presale price of $0.00031, raising questions about its potential upside. The upcoming partnership with Plus Wallet further bolsters BlockDAG’s market stance, earning $41.6 million in presale, compelling a significant migration of investors from Dogeverse, drawn by the allure of potentially exponential gains.


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