BlockDAG’s Global Showcases Propel Presale Beyond $31.2 Million, Beating Cardano's Next Bull Run and Dogwifhat Price Fluctuations


BlockDAG’s presale has surged past $31.2 million, outperforming expectations and eclipsing both Cardano's next bull run and Dogwifhat (WIF) price. This surge is evidence of global dominance that has increased interest in the BlockDAG project. BlockDAG's global showcases in critical cities like Tokyo, Las Vegas, and London have sparked widespread interest and anticipation. With its innovative crypto mining and trading approach, BlockDAG stands out as a leader in the best crypto platform.

Cardano’s Bull Run Potential

Cardano has been predicted to see a significant rise in the coming months. ADA is anticipated to reach $1 within three months and near its all-time high by year-end. This forecast is based on Cardano’s historical pattern, typically experiencing a bullish phase 3-5 months post-Bitcoin halving events. Cardano’s robust technology and increasing adoption of ADA for dApps and smart contracts bolster this positive outlook. Similar to past performance, the bullish predictions make ADA a promising candidate for the next bull run.


Dogwifhat (WIF) Price Activity

Dogwifhat (WIF) experienced a surge in price to $3.25 following Roaring Kitty’s return, attracting significant interest from large investors. However, recent price fluctuations have been recorded caused by some whales who sold at a loss.

Despite this, the price drop was seen as an opportunity by other investors. A new whale entered and  purchased Dogwifhat reading surged to over $2.7, driven by whale activity. Despite this, the token shows declines of 8.3% and 14.8% over weekly and bi-weekly periods, with daily trading volume dropping by 21.6%.


BlockDAG Shines At London’s Piccadilly Circus

BlockDAG has made impressive strides in its global showcases, starting in Tokyo, Japan. The appearance at Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing featured a stunning display of BlockDAG’s keynote video, highlighting the project’s innovative crypto mining and trading solutions.

Following this, BlockDAG made waves in Las Vegas, utilizing the iconic Sphere for another marketing stunt. This event coincided with its technical whitepaper V2, detailing BlockDAG's advanced technology and security features, including a transaction speed of 15,000 TPS.

The momentum continued in London’s Piccadilly Circus, as BlockDAG celebrated its presale success and CoinMarketCap listing with another dazzling appearance. These high-profile displays have showcased BlockDAG’s capabilities and created significant buzz around its future plans.


Where will BlockDAG go next? Speculation suggests the upcoming launch of a new technical keynote video. The moon-themed teaser for this keynote was recently revealed, hinting towards an exciting and possibly astronomical next event. BlockDAG’s presale has been progressing rapidly fueled by these global dominance events. BDAG coin price started only at $0.001 in batch 1 and it now stands at Batch 14 priced at $0.0085, showing significant growth of 750%. With over $31.2 million raised and 9.6 billion BDAG coins sold, BlockDAG’s future looks bright.

Final Thoughts

BlockDAG’s global appearances have led to global dominance and propelled its presale beyond $31.2 million, surpassing both Cardano's next bull run and Dogwifhat's (WIF) price. Its strategic presence in major cities across the world and innovative technology have set a new standard for the best crypto platform. Expecting the coming technical keynote, the presale is expected to soar further and sell out in the coming months. BlockDAG is positioned to be a major player in the cryptocurrency world.


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