BlockDAG’s Dev Release 48 Unveils Key Upgrades & Bug Fixes in X1 Miner App; 7533 Miner Units Sold in Presale


BlockDAG’s Development (Dev) Release 48 reveals the significant improvements and upgrades brought to the X1 Miner application by the team, enhancing user experience and performance. This includes resolving key issues like phone number input and Coinbase connectivity, boosting the efficiency of BlockDAG's mining solutions. These advancements have spurred a miner sales hike, with over 7,533 units sold. Integrating superior hardware mining capabilities demonstrates BlockDAG’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction in the competitive crypto-mining market.

BlockDAG: The Super Crypto with $48.5M Presale

BlockDAG has established itself as a premier mining solution provider, offering users the opportunity to engage in hardware mining with their exclusive ASIC miners. This hands-on approach empowers users to operate and own their mining setups, ensuring efficient and powerful mining capabilities. BlockDAG's commitment to quality hardware allows users to validate transactions directly, providing them with complete control over their mining solutions. With customizable options for both mining software and pools, BlockDAG delivers a superior user experience, positioning itself at the forefront of the industry.


The X10 miner rig exemplifies BlockDAG's innovation, attracting large crypto investors with its powerful yet compact design. Capable of mining up to 200 BDAG daily with a 100 MH/s hash rate, the X10 features a simple plug-and-play setup, offering Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity and a power brick. This accessibility has driven significant interest, resulting in the presale of over 7,533 units. With the recent launch of Batch 18, BlockDAG's coin price has risen to $0.0122, generating over $48.5 million in presale revenue. These advancements reveal the impact of BlockDAG on the mining community and its continued growth and success.

BlockDAG Dev Release 48: Latest Mining Update

BlockDAG’s Dev Release 48 features the new enhancements to the X1 Miner application, the beta version of which has recently been launched, focusing on user experience and performance. This release addresses key issues and introduces several improvements based on user feedback. Notable fixes include resolving phone number input length issues, improving connectivity with Coinbase, and restricting multiple OTP requests. These changes enhance data accuracy, transaction reliability and overall user experience. Additionally, features like active tab highlighting and optimized application performance make navigation more intuitive and the app faster.


Key bug fixes and enhancements extend to the footer navigation and sign-out functionality, ensuring a consistent and secure experience for users. The account information tab has been updated by removing the edit email input, aligning with the development plan. A scrollbar addition for smaller screens improves usability, ensuring all content is accessible. These updates reflect BlockDAG’s commitment to refining the application’s functionality and user-friendliness.

Beyond the X1 Miner app improvements, BlockDAG is gearing up to launch its Blockchain Explorer project, a pivotal tool for enhancing transparency and accessibility in the blockchain network. This explorer will enable users to view and verify transactions, track their status, and access detailed block information. Additionally, it provides insights into network health and serves as an educational resource for blockchain newcomers.

The roadmap ahead promises continuous improvements to the X1 Miner application and the successful launch of the Blockchain Explorer. BlockDAG is dedicated to enhancing user satisfaction and the advancement of blockchain technology, ensuring the tools meet the highest standards of functionality and user experience.

Final Words

BlockDAG's Dev Release 48 epitomizes the project’s dedication to advancing its X1 Miner app through significant upgrades and enhancements. These meticulous efforts, aimed at resolving key issues such as phone number input and Coinbase connectivity, have not only improved the functionality of their mining solutions but have also catalyzed a surge in sales, with over 7,533 miner units sold. As BlockDAG reaches Batch 18 of its presale, these developments affirm BlockDAG’s unwavering commitment to innovation and user satisfaction within the crypto-mining landscape.


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