BlockDAG’s Dev Release 48: Blockchain Explorer Aims for Enhanced Transparency as Presale Crosses $48.5M Milestone


BlockDAG's latest Development (Dev) Release excites investor interest by introducing the upcoming Blockchain Explorer project, aimed at enhancing transparency and accessibility within the blockchain network. This tool will allow users to view and verify transactions, track transaction statuses and gain detailed insights into each block and the overall network health. The development of this explorer makes BlockDAG shine in continuous improvement, empowering users with detailed control over their transactions. Amid these updates, the presale has surged, crossing $48.5 million as BlockDAG rolls out its Batch 18.

BlockDAG Sells 11.3B Coins as Keynote 2 Sparks Frenzy

BlockDAG has garnered significant investor interest with the release of Keynote 2, a pivotal video highlighting the network's advancements and future plans. The keynote showcased major technical strides, including the market testing of the X10 miners, which are being evaluated by key crypto influencers. This strategic move shows BlockDAG's commitment to innovation and its ability to captivate the larger crypto industry. By detailing these updates, BlockDAG has positioned itself as a prominent player in the market, attracting attention and confidence from investors.


Along with this, BlockDAG is refining its Blockchain Explorer component, with the team diligently working on implementing crucial infrastructure elements. Achievements to date include Blocks and Transactions functionality, BlockDAG Nodes, Smart Contract Transactions and plans for a Token Page and Asset Balances. This comprehensive design process ensures seamless functionality and reliability, aligning with ongoing application development efforts. The presale, driven by the excitement generated from Keynote 2, has surpassed $48.5 million, with Batch 18 coins valued at $0.0122 each. BlockDAG’s viral Keynote 2 has also resulted in major coin sales, with sales now crossing over 11.3 billion coins. These milestones signify BlockDAG's robust market presence and future potential.

BlockDAG Dev Release 48 Unveils Upgrades in X1 Miner 

BlockDAG's Dev Release 48 for the X1 Crypto Miner Application marks a pivotal advancement in improving user experience and application performance. This latest release has focused on resolving existing bugs and incorporating several critical enhancements driven by user feedback. Notable improvements include restricting multiple OTP requests, group module icon updates and smoothing connectivity issues with Coinbase to ensure reliable transactions. Moreover, the footer navigation has been corrected, providing a consistent and reliable means for navigating through the application, and the overall performance of the application has been optimized for faster load times and a smoother user experience.

Further enhancing usability, the release improves the sign-out process and updates the account information tab by removing the edit email input, aligning with the application’s developmental roadmap. A new scrollbar has also been added to improve accessibility for users with smaller screens, ensuring that all content is easily accessible.


Looking ahead, BlockDAG is excited to introduce the upcoming Blockchain Explorer project, a tool designed to enhance transparency and accessibility within the blockchain network. This explorer will allow users to view and verify transactions, track transaction statuses, and provide detailed insights into each block and overall network health. The development of this tool underscores BlockDAG’s commitment to continuous improvement and empowerment of users with detailed insights and control over their transactions, ensuring that the X1 Miner application and broader BlockDAG ecosystem remain at the cutting edge of blockchain technology.

BlockDAG: The Innovation King

BlockDAG's detailing of the Blockchain Explorer in Dev Release 48 marks a significant enhancement in transparency, allowing users detailed insights into transactions and network health. This innovative tool has catalyzed the presale frenzy, pushing it to Batch 18 and raising over $48.5 million. As BlockDAG continues to innovate, it solidifies its position as a leader in blockchain technology, shaping the future of the crypto industry with each visionary update.


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