BlockDAG’s Dev Release 33 Ignites Investor Excitement with Advanced Offchain Data Integration; Coin Value Jumps 800%


BlockDAG's latest milestone, Development Release 33, introduces SHA-3 hashing to significantly bolster security, marking a significant advancement in blockchain technology. This crucial update is part of a series that has captivated investors, with each release enhancing transparency and detail, sparking increasing excitement.

Amid this wave of innovation, presale figures tell a compelling story: a remarkable $32.2 million stacked by the 15th batch, with the coin's value soaring to $0.009—an 800% increase from the initial batch. Each development release not only strengthens BlockDAG's technological foundation but also boosts investor confidence, seamlessly merging futuristic blockchain potential with present-day investment opportunities.

BlockDAG Presale Hits $32.2 Million 

BlockDAG is a hybrid innovation, combining the fast processing and scalability of Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) with the reliable security of traditional blockchains. This integration creates an advanced platform for digital transactions, setting new standards in blockchain technology.

BlockDAG's series of Development Releases, now in its 33rd iteration, has generated considerable excitement among investors. Each release offers detailed insights into BlockDAG's evolving features, enhancing transparency and bolstering investor confidence. This enthusiasm is evident in the presale success, with over $32.2 million amassed by the 15th batch and the coin's price skyrocketing to $0.009—an 800% increase from the first batch.


Adding to its appeal, BlockDAG's mining operations are celebrated for their eco-friendly approach, which contrasts sharply with traditional energy-intensive methods. The X10 miner is a prime example, a compact yet powerful device that can mine up to 200 BDAG daily while using just 40 watts of power. This efficiency has led to impressive sales, with over 5,700 units sold and more than $2.5 million generated.

Development Release 33 Focuses on Enhanced Efficiency 

BlockDAG’s 33rd Development Release introduces significant improvements in mining efficiency by integrating SHA-3 hashing, which boosts security. This phase also made substantial progress in refining and debugging the mining process, optimizing the implementation of various mining algorithms, including RandomX, to find the best solutions for the BlockDAG system.

Additionally, the release delves into the integration of off-chain data, a crucial advancement for BlockDAG. This strategy enhances scalability by shifting large datasets to external storage solutions, thus improving the main network's performance. It also increases cost efficiency by reducing on-chain storage and transaction expenses, making blockchain operations more economical.


Implementing off-chain data involves secure hashing, decentralized storage platforms like IPFS, and reliable Oracle services. These components are essential for maintaining data integrity and ensuring seamless interactions between on-chain and off-chain systems, which are critical for the robustness of BlockDAG's operations.

The potential applications of off-chain data integration are extensive, covering areas such as supply chain management, decentralized finance, and content distribution. These use cases highlight the transformative impact of BlockDAG technology across various industries by enhancing transparency, security, and operational efficiency.

To Recap

BlockDAG's sequence of Development Releases, culminating in the transformative 33rd update, has sparked significant growth in technology adoption and investor engagement. These updates have been pivotal, driving the sale of over 5700 mining units and generating revenues exceeding $2.5 million. This upward trajectory is underscored by the remarkable presale coin figures, with over $32.2 million raised and a dramatic 800% increase in the coin's price to $0.009 from the first batch. These milestones collectively demonstrate robust market confidence in BlockDAG's rapidly advancing ecosystem.

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