BlockDAG - Top Layer 1 Crypto Dominates Aptos & Hedera Predictions with 1000% Value Surge & Keynote 2 Launch


Hedera and Aptos emerge as assets worth watching in a market buoyed by optimistic external signals. The forecast for Hedera's HBAR price and the volume of transactions on Aptos underline their potential. However, BlockDAG, a layer 1 project, is rapidly advancing. At its second keynote, BlockDAG highlighted its innovative Low-Code/No-Code ecosystem, showcasing robust technical prowess. Subsequently, BlockDAG's presale escalated beyond $42.6 million, establishing it as a premier layer 1 crypto.

Currently, in batch 17, BlockDAG is priced at $0.011, reflecting a staggering 1000% increase since batch 1. This article delves into the strengths and opportunities of Hedera, Aptos, and BlockDAG, guiding those pursuing the next significant crypto investment.

HBAR Price Insights and Forecasts: Hedera's Market Analysis

The current market behavior of Hedera is crucial for traders concentrating on long-term trends. The HBAR/USDT pair maneuvers through vital technical points, maintaining its price above the 200-week EMA, providing essential support. Key long-term support is found at $0.067 and $0.073, with critical resistance at $0.162, $0.198, and $0.241. Daily, the price hovers slightly above the 100-day EMA, suggesting moderate support but signaling possible market swings.


The Ichimoku Cloud indicates a neutral to somewhat bearish outlook, yet surpassing $0.107 could escalate to higher resistance levels at $0.118 and $0.124. HBAR trades at $0.106, fluctuating between $0.107 and $0.099. A firm breakout could significantly alter HBAR's price trajectory, opening up trading opportunities. Monitoring these pivotal support and resistance levels is essential for informed investment decisions.

Aptos Transactions Achieve Record Numbers

Aptos recently set a new benchmark by processing 116 million transactions on May 25, significantly outdoing Solana's 31.9 million transactions on the same day. This surge was primarily fueled by the instant success of the game Tapos Cat, which accounted for 10 million transactions on its first day. The game's initial 72-hour elimination of gas fees played a strategic role in boosting user engagement, demonstrating effective gamification to amplify Aptos's transaction volume.


Aptoscan data indicates that Aptos hit a peak of 32,000 transactions per second, proving its scalability and market acceptance. Financially, Aptos is approaching a pivotal breakout from an inverse head and shoulders pattern, with a potential price increase to $11.32, a 22% rise, if it breaks above the neckline at $9.33. Should the breakout falter, a support level at $8.72 could offer a safety net for investors.

BlockDAG: Revolutionizing with Low Code/No Code, Surges 1000% to $0.011 in Batch 17

BlockDAG has surged into the limelight as a leading contender in the crypto sphere for June 2024, propelled by its groundbreaking Low-Code/No-Code ecosystem. This technology empowers users to create, manage, and deploy applications through a simple drag-and-drop interface, drastically cutting down development time. This method is invaluable for developers eager to speed up prototyping and for non-technical users looking to dive into creating decentralized applications.

A recent keynote spotlighted BlockDAG’s cutting-edge technical achievements and strategic market maneuvers. The presentation covered pivotal topics such as the debut of the X1 App, updates on global marketing efforts, and substantial enhancements to the roadmap. It focused on the advantages of the Low Code/No Code features and provided detailed updates concerning the mainnet launch, development of the peer-to-peer engine, and EVM compatibility. This event sparked a significant uptick in investor interest, catapulting the presale to exceed $42.6 million, driven by the 1000% price surge to $0.011 per coin in Batch 17.


BlockDAG's presale performance has been remarkable. It currently generates $500k daily and has the potential to escalate to $5 million daily. Slated to wrap up in the next four months, before the mainnet launch, the platform’s sophisticated technology, aligned with dynamic marketing and robust community engagement, marks BlockDAG as a compelling investment in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market.

Key Insights

Although Hedera and Aptos present strong technical frameworks and impressive transaction capacities, BlockDAG’s novel approach and presale success distinctively set it apart. The latest keynote emphasized BlockDAG's Low-Code/No-Code ecosystem, simplifying application development and enhancing accessibility. Having amassed over $42.6 million in its presale, BlockDAG's advanced technology, detailed in the keynote, cements its status as a premier Layer 1 crypto. With these advancements, BlockDAG shines brightly among the top cryptocurrencies for June 2024, overshadowing.


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