BlockDAG Soars 1000% Following X1 Beta App Launch Amid GameStop Market Predictions & Cardano Enhancements


Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty, recently shook the market by unveiling his ownership of 5 million GameStop shares, propelling the company's stock to new heights. This surge also uplifted the Solana-based GME token, significantly influencing GameStop's stock predictions. Concurrently, Cardano is bolstering its network with upgrades aimed at improving performance and enhancing community governance.

Within the cryptocurrency mining sector, BlockDAG has made a groundbreaking advance with the introduction of its X1 beta mining app. This app transforms smartphones into effective mining tools for BDAG coins on both Android and iOS platforms. This strategic move led to a meteoric 1000% surge in value as BlockDAG entered batch 17, amassing $ 45.7 million. With such innovative developments and rapid market capture, BlockDAG is quickly establishing itself as a leading cryptocurrency for 2024.

GameStop’s Market Buzz: Roaring Kitty Fuels Rally 

Roaring Kitty, known off-screen as Keith Gill, recently returned to the spotlight by disclosing his ownership of 5 million GameStop shares, valued at $115 million. This revelation on Reddit triggered a surge in GameStop's stock in premarket trade, and also propelled a Solana-based token, GME, upwards significantly.

Moreover, Gill's position, including $65 million in GME options set to expire on June 21, sparked massive interest, driving the cancellation of numerous orders due to surging demand. His fortune has potentially outstripped Nancy Pelosi’s, setting him at a net worth of $210 million, if GME's rally continues. This development has also lifted the Solana GME token, influencing GameStop's pricing projections positively.


Cardano’s Strategic Upgrades Amid Price Challenges 

Despite grappling with a price below the $1 threshold, currently at $0.449 after a 7.46% drop last week, Cardano is not standing still. The development team is rolling out significant enhancements aimed at boosting network efficiency and community involvement.

Furthermore, Key updates include the Ouroboros Leios consensus mechanism, which enhances transaction throughput and scalability, and the Chang hard fork, which will improve community governance mechanisms. Despite being the ninth-largest cryptocurrency by trading volume, some market skepticism persists.


BlockDAG’s X1 Beta App: A Leap in Mobile Mining 

On June 3rd, BlockDAG unveiled the beta version of its X1 Miner app, set to transform mobile devices into powerful mining tools for BDAG coins. Compatible with both Android and iOS, this app has completed its first development phase, which included creating a wireframe, setting up user onboarding, and integrating presale functionalities. The X1 Miner app is designed to maximize efficiency without draining battery life or data, featuring a user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, It incorporates a referral system to enhance mining effectiveness and offers incentives for daily engagement. Users can now mine up to 20 BDAG daily, worth about $1 at the launch. Future updates will introduce Wallet, Send/Receive functions, a Leaderboard, and a Community Section, all aimed at enriching the user experience.


Notably, the app is already available in major app stores and is gearing up for testnet mining in August, with a plan to transfer mined BDAG coins to user wallets upon the mainnet launch in September. BlockDAG's continuous updates, including the latest Dev release #46, focus on enhancing the app’s stability and network efficiency, ensuring a top-tier mining experience through features like adaptive gossip protocols and optimized peer-to-peer network configurations.

Logging Off

As the cryptocurrency economy continues to evolve with unexpected twists like Roaring Kitty's GameStop share revelation, which spiked GME’s forecast, Cardano diligently upgrades its infrastructure. Amid these exciting developments, BlockDAG stands out with its innovative X1 Beta mining app. This launch not only spiked its presale by 1000% but also set it on course to potentially offer a 30,000x ROI. Poised as one of the standout cryptos for 2024, BlockDAG offers an excellent investment opportunity with an entry point of $0.011 per BDAG in batch 17. Don’t miss out—secure your spot in this promising venture now.


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