BlockDAG Seizes the Spotlight with $57.1M Presale Thanks to Crypto Influencers, as Cronos (CRO) Value Wanes and Mantle Flourishes


In the world of cryptocurrencies, three major players are currently in the spotlight. While Cronos faces a downturn with a 21% drop in value, despite significant development strides and new partnerships, Mantle Network’s TVL has experienced substantial growth, underscoring its success in the DeFi sector. However, BlockDAG steals the show with a remarkable $57.1M presale success, propelled by endorsements from leading crypto influencers and showcasing advanced technical achievements.

Mantle Network's TVL Experiences Rapid Growth Post-Launch

Since its launch in July 2023, Mantle Network, an Optimistic Ethereum Layer 2 solution, has shown impressive growth. Its Total Value Locked (TVL) has surged from $89k to $36m, indicating strong market acceptance. The network recently focused on the potential of DeFi, sustainable decentralized stablecoins, and the advantages of Web3 in its DeFi Uncovered series. Mantle is committed to delivering high-quality yield sources for Real World Assets and ensuring deep liquidity by investing in sustainable protocols.


Cronos Continues to Develop Amidst Market Challenges

Despite a challenging market, Cronos continues to push forward with significant developments, particularly in self-custody solutions for DeFi and gaming. With a robust developer community and a strategic partnership with Cosmos for enhanced scalability and faster transactions, Cronos recently bolstered its network by collaborating with Exaion to improve its validator network. However, these advancements have not prevented a 21% decline in its value over the past month, leading some investors to seek alternatives.


BlockDAG Shines with Influencer Support and Innovative Technology

BlockDAG has captivated the crypto community, amassing $57.1 million in its presale, supported by widespread acclaim from influencers. This exposure has not only boosted investor confidence but also highlighted BlockDAG’s potential as a revolutionary force in blockchain technology.

The second keynote from BlockDAG delved into its technical advancements, detailing how its unique DAG-based PoW consensus mechanism allows for simultaneous transaction confirmations, enhancing scalability. Additionally, the platform’s Low Code/No Code feature sets it up as a future PoW leader. With an upcoming mainnet launch planned shortly after a mid-August testnet, BlockDAG’s strategy includes raising $5 million daily during the presale and rewarding early adopters with $2 million, emphasizing its commitment to transparency and community engagement.


Final Thoughts

While Cronos struggles with declining value and Mantle Network celebrates a 400-fold increase in TVL, BlockDAG positions itself as today’s top-performing cryptocurrency by earning $57.1 million in presale. With robust endorsements, a clear technological edge, and an engaging community approach, BlockDAG is poised to lead the market, transforming how digital transactions are managed and scaling new heights in the crypto industry.


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