BlockDAG Rises by 1,000% Post Moon Keynote Launch; Can XRP & Notcoin Price Prediction Keep Pace?


With legal barriers looming large, XRP investors maintain cautious optimism regarding Ripple’s future. Meanwhile, the Notcoin (NOT) price prediction sings songs of high returns, thanks to a recent 200% price rise. But the current market is endlessly in favour of BlockDAG, a Layer 1 marvel, that experienced a historical 1,000% surge after appearances in three global hotspots and on the moon. Armed with comprehensive roadmap enhancements, experts believe BlockDAG is rapidly marching toward a potential 20,000x ROI in 2024.

Notcoin (NOT) Price Prediction Reveals Significant Surge

The Notcoin (NOT) price prediction looks optimistic, after a surge of over 200%, pushing NOT’s market cap to a whopping $2 billion, and ranking the currency 53rd in the crypto market cap list. Notcoin was initially distributed in a popular Telegram-based game, known for boasting active user participation. This exposure enhanced its visibility and accessibility to a wide pool of Telegram users, further boosting its token value. The example of Notcoin’s growing popularity highlights the convergence between digital entertainment and blockchain tech, where users and developers can enjoy meaningful opportunities.


XRP Investors Await Judgement On SEC vs Ripple Case

XRP investors witness an uncertain landscape due to the ongoing SEC vs Ripple Case. The crypto recently surged by 1.29%, closed at $0.5195 at the beginning of this month, and witnessed increased activity on its platform. Ripple also experiences some optimism due to political contributions from giant crypto firms like Coinbase. Despite these modest milestones, XRP’s market sentiment remains cautious as potential appeals and court rulings loom large. In addition, bearish signs on XRP’s weekly chart and regulatory uncertainties have left Ripple vulnerable to a downward trend. 


BlockDAG’s Global Domination Bolsters 20,000x ROI Potential

The tale of BlockDAG’s marketing success unfolds in four memorable chapters. It begins with Tokyo, where BlockDAG displays its viral keynote in the neon-lit Shibuya Crossing. This showcase features blockDAG’s innovative products and a robust $600M vision. The Las Vegas chapter reveals a sensational celebration of the DAGPaperV2 launch, which comprehensively breaks down everything about BlockDAG’s cutting-edge Block & DAG architecture. Chapter three unfolds in London’s vibrant Piccadilly Circus, where the crypto celebrates its CoinMarketPlan listing, revealing $100 million in liquidity plan.

In the fourth, most mesmerising chapter, BlockDAG takes a trip to the moon to broadcast Keynote 2, revealing announcements that aim to create a crypto world where mining, building, investing, and earning know no bounds. Three key announcements from the keynote include 45 new development updates, 10 new payment methods, and the Mainnet Launch plan.

BlockDAG's latest developments focus on optimizing speed, scalability, and security. They've also introduced 10 new payment options, including BTC, ETH, and USDT, enhancing their crypto payment experience. The Mainnet Launch is set for four months from now, with experts predicting a potential 20,000x ROI for its community. These innovative marketing strategies have already resulted in a significant 1,000% price increase for the cryptocurrency.


In addition to BlockDAG’s marketing prowess, recent roadmap enhancements will further boost the crypto’s value. Sprawling across a timeframe of May to September, the roadmap unfolds in three key phases: Blockchain development, BlockDAG Scan (Explorer), and X1 Miner Application.

The first phase focuses on developing  BlockDAG’s P2P Engine, Block & DAG algorithm, EVM compatibility, Metamask integration, Devenet launch, Testnet launch, and the ultimate Mainnet launch. Phase 2 is where is where BlockDAG’s Wireframe & UI design, Dashboard, Smart Contracts transaction, Testnet faucet, and NFT contract support plans come to light. Finally, in Phase 3, BlockDAG perfects its Presale & Invite Boost, Wallet, and Send/Receive modules, ensuring its Leaderboard and Community section offer the best user experience to BDAGgers.

Lights Out!

With a record-breaking 1,000% price surge post strategic global & moon appearances, BlockDAGis estimated to drive a 20,000x ROI for investors this year. After 16 rapidly sold-out batches, the crypto has unfolded its batch 17, with one BDAG coin priced at $0.011. BlockDAG has already sold over 10.8 billion coins and raised $42.4 million in presale revenue, with massive Whale moves dominating its dashboard right now.


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