BlockDAG Presale Surge by 1000% After Keynote 2; Ethereum Classic After Halving and Notcoin Price Surge


BlockDAG is transforming the cryptocurrency landscape with its influential presence in global metropolises and pioneering technologies. The excitement is palpable, with major events in Tokyo, Las Vegas, and London, topped by an impactful lunar keynote, showcasing BlockDAG's futuristic products and strategic plans.

Amidst Ethereum Classic's latest halving affecting its market price and Notcoin's notable volume boost, BlockDAG's Batch 17 presale at $0.011 has rocketed its valuation by 1000%, amassing $46.8 million. This significant surge has propelled BlockDAG to the forefront of cryptocurrency growth, eclipsing its rivals.

Ethereum Classic: Adjustments Post-Fifth Halving

Ethereum Classic (ETC) recently experienced its fifth halving on May 31, 2024, reducing block rewards to 2.048 ETC. Historical data shows that ETC's price fluctuates significantly during halvings.


This time, ETC is trading 80% below its highest-ever $158 and 20% below its annual peak of $39. However, Ethereum Classic has climbed more than 60% since the start of the year. Predictions following past trends suggest a potential peak around July 2025.

Notcoin: Record-Breaking Volume and Price Fluctuations

Notcoin (NOT) has achieved an exceptional surge, outdoing Solana and BNB with a trading volume of $4.54 billion in 24 hours. Recently, Notcoin hit a high of $0.028 before stabilizing at $0.021, marking a 287% rise in the past week.

Despite these impressive volumes, analysts warn that Notcoin's rapid price growth may lead to a market correction. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) points to Notcoin being overbought, which might prompt a price correction soon. Traders and investors are advised to watch these trends for strategic decision-making closely.


BlockDAG's Global Impact and Lunar Event Highlights

BlockDAG is reshaping the cryptocurrency industry with its strategic global presence and groundbreaking innovations. A viral keynote in Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing has broadcasted BlockDAG's innovative products, comprehensive roadmap, and upcoming exchange listings, generating widespread interest. The Sphere in Las Vegas was the venue for celebrating its Technical Whitepaper (DAGPaperV2), showcasing its advanced DAG structure to enhance speed and security.

BlockDAG's presale achievements and new listing on CoinMarketCap were celebrated in London's Piccadilly Circus. These events have established BlockDAG as a leading investment prospect in the crypto realm. The enthusiasm extended with a notable second Keynote video from the moon, revealing major milestones, including endorsements from Forbes and Bloomberg, the X1 App launch, blockchain improvements, unveiling their all-human team, and global marketing efforts.


BlockDAG is gearing up for its mainnet launch in August, which will be preceded by a mid-August Testnet. The presale, now in Batch 17, is on track to gather $5 million daily and aims to conclude within four months, ideally aligning with the mainnet debut.

BlockDAG’s innovative low-code/no-code platform for meme coins and NFT creation underscores its role as a tech frontrunner in the blockchain sector. Currently in Batch 17, priced at $0.011, BlockDAG has garnered $46.8 million from over 11.1 billion BDAG coins and amassed $3.1 million from selling over 7200 miners, marking a 1000% increase from Batch 1.

Final Thoughts

As BlockDAG gears up for its mainnet debut in August, its state-of-the-art platform for meme coins and NFTs reaffirms its status as a blockchain technology leader. With a 1000% increase since Batch 1, BlockDAG has secured $46.8 million from selling over 10.8 billion coins.

While Ethereum Classic and Notcoin also make headlines with their market movements, BlockDAG distinguishes itself with its strategic initiatives and substantial presale achievements. For investors eyeing significant returns, BlockDAG offers a promising opportunity at the forefront of the next cryptocurrency investment wave.


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