BlockDAG Dominates Global Stage: Piccadilly Circus Event Fuels $30 Target By 2030, Dampens Floki And Injective's Appeal


BlockDAG is seizing the spotlight on a global scale, turning iconic locations like London's Piccadilly Circus into a showcase of its cutting-edge blockchain technology. The company's presentations have not only electrified London but also the vibrant cityscapes of Tokyo and Las Vegas, capturing the attention of a worldwide audience. With its sights set on a $30 valuation by 2030 and currently in its twelfth presale batch, BlockDAG is dramatically expanding its market presence. Amidst this, other cryptocurrencies like Floki (FLOKI) and Injective (INJ) are also navigating the evolving landscape, each facing unique challenges and making significant strides.

Rising Floki Liquidations Signal Seller Shift

Recent activity within the Floki market has seen a notable rise in liquidations of long positions, indicating a shift towards seller dominance. This change may reflect a broader change in investor sentiment, potentially triggered by prevailing market uncertainties or alterations in trading strategies. The market for Floki appears to be at a crossroads, with long-term holders possibly deciding to realize losses or lock in profits in a fluctuating market environment.

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Injective's Market Rise: Update 3.0

Injective is currently experiencing robust growth, with an increase of 11.69% in the past week and 23.95% over the last month, pushing its market capitalization and trading volumes higher. The upcoming Injective 3.0 update aims to introduce deflationary mechanisms that could enhance the value of INJ by reducing the rate of token issuance and tying inflation levels to staking activities, potentially boosting its scarcity and market value.


BlockDAG's 600% Surge: From Landmarks to Crypto Star

BlockDAG has effectively utilized global landmarks as stages for demonstrating its groundbreaking blockchain technology. A recent event at London's Piccadilly Circus highlighted BlockDAG's innovative prowess, merging historical significance with modern technological achievements to mesmerize an international crowd. Following a successful display in Tokyo, where BlockDAG introduced its vision through a compelling keynote video, the company continued to impress in Las Vegas, adapting seamlessly to various cultural settings.

The momentum from these events has propelled BlockDAG's presale to new heights, with the coin price surging 600% to $0.0075 and now in its twelfth batch. This growth has resulted in significant fundraising, with $26.9 million raised from the sale of over 9 billion coins, underscoring strong investor confidence and robust market momentum. The enthusiasm around BlockDAG is being further fueled by YouTube influencers and cryptocurrency experts who advocate for its potential, projecting a price target of $30 by 2030 and foreseeing a 30,000x return on investment.



BlockDAG's strategic display at Piccadilly Circus not only underscores its technological innovation but also marks a significant step in its global market expansion. With ambitious projections and a thriving presale, BlockDAG is rapidly moving towards achieving a $30 valuation by 2030. The ongoing success of BlockDAG's presale, now in its twelfth batch at an initial coin price of $0.0075, signals strong market confidence and anticipates a substantial return on investment. While BlockDAG continues to gain international acclaim, the presence of Floki and Injective is increasingly overshadowed by BlockDAG's expansive growth and market appeal.


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