BlockDAG Dev Release 38: Revolutionizes Blockchain with $36M Presale Boost


BlockDAG has again taken centre stage in cryptocurrency with its newest Development (Dev) Release. The 38th iteration introduces pivotal enhancements in blockchain technology, specifically geared towards its Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure. This release focuses on improving transaction sequencing and block verification processes, thereby enhancing the network's security and efficiency.

With each strategic update, BlockDAG captures the interest of the crypto community, providing comprehensive updates that boost investor confidence. The result is a significant increase in presale engagement, with BlockDAG raising over $36 million, a testament to its appeal and innovative strategy.

BlockDAG Breakthrough: Coin Value Soars to $0.0095, Achieving 850% Growth

BlockDAG continues to redefine blockchain standards through its dedication to innovation and strategic development. Operating on a Proof of Work consensus, the BlockDAG Network (BDAG) distinguishes itself as a premier Layer 1 blockchain. Its unique DAG architecture allows for simultaneous processing of multiple blocks, ensuring exceptional speed, security, and decentralization. The recent Dev Release 38 accentuates these technological advances, offering crypto enthusiasts and potential investors detailed insights into BlockDAG’s capabilities, thereby increasing its transparency and attractiveness.

BlockDAG's strategic marketing efforts have substantially enhanced its visibility and interest within the crypto sphere. Prominent displays in locations like Piccadilly Circus in London and the Sphere in Las Vegas during the DAGpaper release celebration have captured widespread public and analyst interest. These events and ongoing Dev Releases maintain investor engagement and build trust and confidence in BlockDAG’s potential.


The robust interest in BlockDAG has culminated in a remarkable presale phase. With the introduction of Batch 16, where more than 10.1 billion coins were sold, the project raised over $36 million. This launch, at a price of $0.0095 per coin, marks an 850% increase from its initial pricing, underscoring the strong demand and success of BlockDAG.

BlockDAG Dev 38: Unleashing Advanced Blockchain Capabilities

The 38th Dev Release of BlockDAG introduces significant improvements in developing consensus mechanisms tailored for its DAG-based blockchain system. This release focuses on refining the algorithms crucial for secure, efficient, and scalable transaction confirmations. Optimizing the DAG’s unique structure enhances the processes for transaction ordering and block validation.

The introduction of a new pseudocode for transaction sorting is a clear indicator of BlockDAG’s commitment to technical precision and innovation. This pseudocode allows transactions to be efficiently organized and validated within the DAG, sorting them by timestamps systematically. Additionally, this release improves how block weight is calculated, which is crucial for determining the heaviest path and resolving conflicts, thereby increasing network security.


Moreover, the Dev Release includes advanced protocols for block confirmation based on the cumulative weight of their subgraphs. This methodology ensures blocks are confirmed only when the cumulative weight surpasses a specific threshold, improving the blockchain’s integrity and reliability.

Further complementing these backend enhancements, Phase 2 of the X1 Miner application has begun, focusing on enhancing the user experience with significant updates. This phase includes critical bug fixes and optimizations to improve stability, performance, and security. The application has successfully navigated Google Play's stringent approval process and is nearing final review on the Apple App Store.


BlockDAG’s Dev Release 38 has significantly advanced its blockchain technology, especially in refining transaction ordering and block validation. These enhancements have strengthened the security and efficiency of its DAG-based system.

The strategic updates have received widespread approval from crypto investors, sparking substantial interest and confidence in the project. BlockDAG’s impressive presale performance, raising over $36 million, reflects the growing enthusiasm among investors. BlockDAG’s continual innovation and development remain crucial to its success in the cryptocurrency market.


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