Bitcoin’s New Dawn: How the Latest Halving Is Redefining Crypto Wealth

Bitcoin’s New Dawn: How the Latest Halving Is Redefining Crypto Wealth

The first cryptocurrency has recently seen an uptick amid the post-halving rally predictions. Analysts say Bitcoin might be in the final stage of halving retrace, pointing out that a rising trend is coming. At the time of writing, BTC is traded at $69,763 with a market cap of $1,373 trillion.

Supposing we are still in the re-accumulation phase, this may be the last bargain buying opportunity for crypto investors. Read on if you don’t want to miss it – we’ll discuss what halving is, why care about it, and how to benefit the most from one of the brightest crypto events.

What Is Bitcoin Halving?

Bitcoin halving is a major event for the whole crypto community, happening once every four years. This process, embedded into the Bitcoin protocol, reduces the mining rewards by half, slowing down the rate at which new units are added to the circulating supply. To grasp the concept of halving, it’s essential to first understand how BTC works.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

BTC is based on the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, which lets miners add a new block to the existing chain by solving a cryptographic puzzle. Miners are individuals who use special mining equipment to act as transaction processors and validators.

A block with transactions enters a mining queue, where miners compete to find the perfect hash, after which the block joins the existing chain. Miners receive rewards for verifying transactions and keeping the network secure. That is why the algorithm is called ‘Proof of Work’, hinting at the ‘effort’ needed to encrypt the hash, which serves as proof of the work done.

The halving in April 2024 reduced the mining rewards from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. This event will continue until the limited supply of 21 million BTC is generated, after which miners’ revenue will depend solely on transaction fees. Next, we’ll analyze the importance of halving and how it influences the crypto market.

Why Is Halving Important?

One of the reasons so many people seek after Bitcoin is its scarcity, and the halving mechanism aims to maintain it. The gradual decrease in the supply growth rate follows the example of precious metals, making BTC progressively limited and likely to rise in value over time.

Halving is designed to counter inflationary effects; however, there are other reasons that make this event of key importance for crypto enthusiasts. Historically, Bitcoin halving has been associated with increased value fluctuations and significant price appreciation in the following months. This represents an excellent opportunity for investors and traders alike to reap benefits.

How to Capitalize on Halving?

Bitcoin halving usually attracts media coverage for the first cryptocurrency and altcoins. As the event hits the headlines, it spikes interest in crypto among a broad audience, which naturally increases the demand for BTC and other cryptos.

The flow of funds into the crypto market makes it thrive, creating perfect conditions for capitalizing on price movements. Thus, one can go short, focusing on price action, or go long by investing in promising assets likely to surge in price amid the post-halving rally.

During the ‘high season’, consider exploring the world of crypto casinos. These platforms offer a range of tools to boost your earnings, making them a valuable resource for crypto enthusiasts

The Role of Crypto Casinos

The integration of crypto or even blockchain technologies into gambling platforms has empowered players with numerous opportunities. Notions like transparency, security, and inclusive accessibility lie at the core of today’s blockchain-based gaming. Besides, crypto has opened up new ways to generate profits passively, with no risk or effort.

Crypto gambling is especially relevant during the post-halving frenzy. Players can use their game winnings to invest in Bitcoin amid its expected appreciation. Alternatively, they can multiply their trading profits by playing loaded games. Let’s discuss these and other ways to grow capital using the example of Fairspin, a leading iGaming platform.

Fairspin: A Safe Place to Get Rewarded

The casino was founded in 2018 and now caters to a global audience, offering both fiat and crypto payment options. Over 8,850 games, an extensive sportsbook, and multiple staking plans are some of the reasons Fairspin has become a top choice among the iGaming platforms on offer.

Win and Manage Funds Easily

Players can enjoy a vast array of games, from typical slots to trendy crash games. The best part is that game outcomes are 100% verifiable, as all game actions and transactions are recorded and stored on a tamper-proof blockchain. Each user can easily check them through Trueplay Explorer and be sure to receive the deserved winnings.

Apart from the fairness of the results, users can also count on quick crypto withdrawals. Fairspin often announces new record wins, specifying the ability to withdraw even staggering sums the very day of landing a reward. This means supposing you tap into a lucrative investment opportunity or need your funds for any other reason, you can transfer them to your wallet in no time.

Grow Your Crypto Passively

Besides broad gaming opportunities, Fairspin offers a go-to staking program. Hold to Earn presents three plans: for 8 hours, 1 day, and 3 days, referring to the period during which a holder should lock up their crypto to get rewarded.

 The crypto staked is TFS Token, the platform’s native crypto asset. Once the holding period is over, the user gets back their deposit and a share of the general casino’s income for the given time.

 Holders can enjoy an average annual APR of up to 500%, and the daily APR can reach a whopping 21%. No other gaming platform can boast such returns, making Fairspin stand out among the crypto casinos with similar incentives.

 Fairspin’s Community Manager Poly states that “staking is risk-free, as even if the platform’s profit for your staking period is at zero, you will still get your deposit back”. So, having earned some BTC or other crypto, Fairspin users can easily convert it into TFS and securely multiply their earnings. It also works vice versa – having earned some TFS on the platform, it can be promptly converted to Bitcoin. Let’s explore how else you can receive TFS at Fairspin.

Welcome Bonuses and Loyalty Program

All newbies get 200 TFS with no wager and can unlock a welcome package of 450 TFS + 140 FS for the first four deposits. The deposit and wagering requirements differ depending on the bonus size, so everybody can choose what best suits their gaming style.

However, that’s just the beginning of the bonuses Fairspin players can receive on the platform. The 10-level loyalty program ensures each player is constantly rewarded throughout their interaction with the casino.

The more you play, the higher your rakeback, meaning access to better perks, such as bigger cashback and staking limit coefficient. The highest level is “VIP Platinum Card”, ensuring the following:

-        10% daily cashback with no wager;

-        5% weekly cashback with no wager;

-        50% weekly cashback with a 60x wager;

-        Staking limit: Play to Earn × 15,000.

Earning TFS seems “inevitable” if you are active on the platform, no matter your luck. Rakeback is accrued for both winning and losing bets, so you can easily grow your tokens and manage them per your wish based on the current market situation.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin halving has an indisputable influence on the crypto landscape. It creates favorable conditions for trading amid market volatility and promises an increase in investment value, supposing the event’s effects remain the same.

Although BTC halving has usually had a bullish impact on price, crypto enthusiasts should take it cautiously and do their research before investing in any cryptocurrency. Macroeconomic situation, regulatory movements, investor sentiment, and other factors can significantly influence BTC value fluctuations.

Crypto casinos can be of much use during the post-halving period. Equipped with crypto, iGaming platforms allow users to easily manage their funds, multiply investments, and withdraw them in no time.

Blockchain-based casinos like Fairspin additionally offer token-earning incentives, like rakeback or staking, to make the most out of your crypto. Join this transparency-driven casino and increase your crypto savings manifold!

Disclaimer: Analytics Insight does not provide financial advice or guidance. Also note that the cryptocurrencies mentioned/listed on the website could potentially be scams, i.e. designed to induce you to invest financial resources that may be lost forever and not be recoverable once investments are made. You are responsible for conducting your own research (DYOR) before making any investments. Read more here.

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