Bitcoin Pushes Through $70k After Weeks of Stagnation - New BTC-Related Crypto Hits $1.9M In Presale

99Bitcoins Token

Bitcoin (BTC) has once again surpassed the $70k mark after some weeks of it hovering below that mark. Its ETFs are now performing at a level we haven’t seen since the market's number one token was hitting all-time highs. On June 4th the ETFs attracted $887 Million which is the second-highest influx of cash since they opened for business.

What might be even more promising is the fact that this marks the 16th day in a row that the ETFs have had net inflows which also is its second-best record since the ETFs launched. While Bitcoin may be heading to new heights, one presale token is starting to catch the eye of investors. 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) is one of our favorite presales for quite some time so let’s get into why.

99Bitcoins Token- Industry experience should lead to a successful token 

There are many things that successful investors look for from a presale token when they are deciding which will give them the best chance for big gains. Of course, the main one is presale metrics. If a presale is raising money at a fantastic rate it isn’t a complete guarantee of success come listing time, but it's pretty close. 99 Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) has just surpassed $1.9 million raised and is starting to fall into that territory.

There is one factor that is even more important to us than good presale metrics but it is very rare to come across so it is like a golden ticket of sorts. That is industry experience. When you come across a project from inventors that have expertise in the crypto market already but are involved in a different sector to tokens, that is something you have to buy.

This is what we have with 99Bitcoins Token. It was originally set up all the way back in 2013 as a way to teach people how to buy Bitcoin via PayPal. However, after PayPal decided they no longer wanted to go down this route, they were forced to pivot, and boy did they. 99Bitcoins decided to create a learning platform for those interested in crypto.

That was a number of years ago and today they are the largest crypto learning resource available to the market. They have sold over 2 million courses and also have over 750k followers on their YouTube channel. They can be classified as market experts and now they have made the decision to move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

The learning experts have created a token that showcases what they know best 

So, what kind of token does a learning platform create? Why learn-to-earn of course. This may seem like an obvious choice given their resources and expertise but it is still always notable when a crypto entity has had years to gather data on the market to see what way they choose to go for their project.

The play-to-earn gaming category on CoinMarketCap increased to a total market cap of more than $13 billion in May 2024. 99 Bitcoins Token has seen how popular these kinds of tokens have been and wants to introduce us to learn-to-earn.

How it works is great for investors as they will be able to learn more about crypto while also fattening up their wallets. Investors will be able to earn $99BTC when they pass through various levels of the curriculum set out by 99Bitcoins Token and by interacting with the community.

These tokens can be used to access premium content, purchase partner products, trade on the open market, and of course stake. Not only does it offer great opportunities for investors financially but they will also get access to the best learning resources on the market so they can further their crypto education.

We mentioned staking above which is another feature that will attract investors. The APY% currently stands over 860% which is an amazing figure and even though it will come down a little as the presale continues, it shows there will be a lot of rewards for investors to gain.

Lastly, but also worth mentioning, is the fact that the 99Bitcoins token will be built on the BRC-20 network. We see most tokens now opting for newer networks and leaving Bitcoin behind but it can’t be denied the strength the BRC-20 network has. Developments last year also ensured developers can build dApps, NFTs, and other applications on top of the Bitcoin network. It means 99Bitcoins will also have unrivaled security.


So it looks like Bitcoin might be once again marching on, especially if its ETFs keep posting such good results. The newest coin on its network, 99Bitcoins token, is also posting great presale numbers and looks like it could be big once listed. Investors have a chance to get in on the ground floor now before it takes off.

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