Best Meme Coin to Buy in 2024: MoonBag Gains Stature, ApeCoin and Popcat Hit Snags

Best Meme Coin to Buy in 2024: MoonBag Gains Stature, ApeCoin and Popcat Hit Snags

The world of crypto meme coins is volatile and filled with opportunities. For many investors, figuring out which investment will grant them the opportunity of a lifetime, proves to be a very hard task. This article aims to guide budding and seasoned investors through these volatile waters and lead them towards a well-informed and educated decision.

With coins like MoonBag (MBAG) that have taken the crypto world by storm with its impressive predicted 15,000x ROI, ApeCoin (APE) is facing a decline and Popcat’s (POPCAT) price showing uncertain trends, which one of them stands out as the most optimal investment? Continue reading and make your decision.

Popcat Price Predicted

The Popcat price prediction for 2024 is drawn from analyses that span the past few months and have revealed significant volatility and turbulent market dynamics. Popcat received a push through a bullish force that declined its downtrend and pushed it past the $0.33 level, a feat demolished by a bearish sentiment pushing its price back to $0.11.

By May, amid market corrections and volatile shores, Popcat set a new all-time high and found itself just above the $0.45 support level. The short-term future for Popcat seems to be positive as according to analysts, the coin is experiencing a 46% appreciation in value. With all this in mind, the current predictions claim that POPCAT could hit $1.27 in 2024, but will it? Only time can tell.

ApeCoin Price Decline Promotes Caution

ApeCoin (APE) has been showing a -3.22% price decline in the last 24 hours with its current price being -95.50% down from its previous ATH of $26.70 at the time of writing. Despite reporting a positive Q4, the price of APE experienced a decline, causing investors to move their holdings toward other projects that showcase a more promising future.

While the cause for caution is high, ApeCoin still stands strong as a noteworthy player in this market due to its impressive community backing and the hype it has created amongst A-list celebrities. There is no saying if or when ApeCoin will fight back and challenge its previous ATH, but due to the current trends proving to be difficult, it is no surprise that investors are cautious and inclined towards other ventures.

MoonBag Presale Surpasses $250,000 in Stage 2

The spotlight is now on the MoonBag presale, a meme coin with an adorable monkey as its mascot. This monkey-powered meme coin has been making waves in the market for its vast features and incredible 15,000x ROI predictions. In the second stage of its presale, MoonBag has already caught the attention of investors, raising over $250,000.

MoonBag coin has garnered the trust of its community by showcasing itself as not just a meme coin but a coin set to herald the next era of financial empowerment. They offer a user-friendly platform to make crypto accessible to investors of all kinds. MoonBag has also focused on and learned from the mistakes of previous meme coins and addressed a very prevalent issue, i.e., insufficient liquidity. It has also taken steps towards ensuring they don’t share the same fate. MoonBag meme coin tackles these issues by implementing a well-thought-out strategic plan by ensuring a robust amount of liquidity is divided into manageable portions to maintain stability. After the initial provision, the buyback and burn strategy is designed to increase and boost the coin's value over the following months.

MoonBag’s strategy demonstrates its commitment towards price appreciation post-launch, while also focusing on ongoing marketing efforts beyond launch to keep a loyal and stable community. MoonBag coin has also captivated investors with its impressive early access rewards that benefit investors who invest in its presale. With an outstanding 88% APY through staking coins, VIP access to exclusive events and airdrops all by investing in its presale that is in its second stage attractively priced at $0.0001. MoonBag stands out as the best meme coin to buy in 2024.


The world of crypto meme coins is full of opportunity, but with so many options, it can be hard to know where to invest. While Popcat and ApeCoin are navigating volatile waters, MoonBag presale stands out. With a user-friendly platform, a well-thought-out plan for liquidity, and a potential 15,000x ROI, MoonBag coin is shaping into one of the best investment opportunities in 2024.

Disclaimer: Analytics Insight does not provide financial advice or guidance. Also note that the cryptocurrencies mentioned/listed on the website could potentially be scams, i.e. designed to induce you to invest financial resources that may be lost forever and not be recoverable once investments are made. You are responsible for conducting your own research (DYOR) before making any investments. Read more here.

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