Best Cryptos Expected to Boom in 2024: Whale Activity Bolsters BlockDAG’s $10 Prediction Amid NEAR and The Graph Forecasts


BlockDAG has recently enhanced its dashboard, setting a new standard for crypto presales. The updated leaderboard now provides outstanding transparency with a detailed ranking system showcasing the top buyers. This fosters a competitive atmosphere among investors, boosting community spirit.

As BlockDAG continues to gain momentum, the forecast of its price reaching $10 by 2025 seems more plausible. This positive outlook is drawing attention away from NEAR Protocol investors and makes BlockDAG an appealing option for those considering crypto presales in 2024.

NEAR Protocol Investors: Prioritizing Scalability and User-Friendly Experience

NEAR Protocol is gaining recognition for its scalability and enhanced user experience. Following its recent integration with Prom, NEAR is poised for further growth. Despite a recent dip, NEAR is trading at $8.08 after a significant 50% increase last month.


Its innovative sharding technology and easy-to-understand addresses have simplified operations, attracting both new and experienced crypto enthusiasts. This increased demand is likely to push NEAR's value up, potentially setting it up for even bigger gains soon.

The Graph’s Price Forecast: Emphasizing Decentralized Data Solutions

The Graph has caught the industry’s attention with its decentralized approach to cost-effective data solutions. With over 100 indexer nodes and more than 1.23 trillion queries processed, its robust infrastructure highlights its reliability.

Current forecasts suggest The Graph might reach $0.45 by the end of 2024, with estimates for 2025 ranging between $0.40 and $0.50, averaging at $0.42. By 2030, the projections are even more optimistic, predicting a price between $2.43 and $2.93. Despite market fluctuations, The Graph stands as a sound investment, thanks to its unique position in the decentralized data market.


BlockDAG’s Dashboard Enhancement Amid 30,000x ROI Potential

BlockDAG's dashboard has been enhanced with a new leaderboard page that boosts user engagement through a transparent ranking system. This feature emphasizes the top purchasers by showing their transaction volumes and frequencies, updated in real-time for precision. The clearly defined ranking categories allow users to easily track their positions and aim for higher ranks, fostering a competitive and lively community. This visibility not only rewards loyalty but also encourages others to enhance their involvement with the platform.

Additionally, BlockDAG's success in its recent presales underscores its potential. With $32.4 million raised in its 15th batch presale, BlockDAG has garnered robust early support from investors. This strong backing highlights the project’s viability and the community's expectations for its future prospects. The swift advancement through presale batches reflects growing investor confidence in BlockDAG's ability to yield significant returns.


Investors have observed an impressive 800% increase in their investments from Batch 1 to Batch 15, with the latest batch priced at $0.009. With a total of 9.7 billion coins sold and the potential for further price increases, BlockDAG is poised for up to a 30,000x return on investment. This remarkable progress and substantial financial backing indicate a promising future for BlockDAG, with expert predictions targeting a price of $10 by 2025. This makes BlockDAG an enticing option for those looking to get in early on a high-potential project.

Final Thoughts

BlockDAG’s robust dashboard and organized rank system differentiate it in the competitive crypto presale market. With solid community backing, notable presale success, and a promising $10 price target by 2025, BlockDAG stands out as a prime investment choice. Compared to the NEAR protocol and The Graph’s forecasts, BlockDAG's potential for substantial returns is evident. For those looking to make the most out of crypto presales in 2024, investing in BlockDAG could lead to significant benefits.


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