Best Crypto To Buy: Rollblock (RBLK) vs Cardano (ADA) and Theta Network (THETA)


What cryptocurrencies will offer the highest returns during the next bull run? This is the question currently being asked by millions of investors worldwide. Though it's difficult to predict the exact performance of a project, trends indicate that Rollblock (RBLK), Cardano (ADA), and Theta Network (THETA) could be the market's top performers. Data suggests that each could experience a significant rally, with thousands of investors already buying to capitalize on potential upcoming returns.

Can Theta Network’s Bull Run Continue? 

Theta Network was one of the markets best performing cryptocurrencies in Q1. Starting the year below $1, Theta Network surged over 250% to pass $3.70. However, the altcoin faced significant bullish resistance, and experienced a correction that took it below $2.50.

However, Theta Network is once again experiencing growth. Over the past week, Theta Network’s price has increased by 2.4%, and its daily trading volume has experienced several days of consecutive growth.

This rise in trading activity implies that investors are bullish about Theta Network despite its recent correction. With this in mind, experts predict that Theta Network could pass $3 by the end of Q2, and as a result its on the watchlist of many crypto enthusiasts.

Cardano Prepares For Massive Turnaround

Since peaking at $0.77 in February, Cardano (ADA) has faced over 3 months of price declines. Cardano’s value plummeted to just $0.43 at the start of May, causing trading volume to crash and many investors sold their Cardano holdings.

That said, Cardano appears to be making a recovery. Cardano is currently trading above its 100-day SMA, which has created a bullish sentiment among Cardano holders. At the time of writing, Cardano was trading at $0.46, and its daily trading volume was up by 65%.

Is Rollblock The Best Crypto Opportunity Right Now? 

Experts are describing Rollblock as one of the best cryptocurrency opportunities of 2024. This lucrative project has already gained international traction, increasing in value by 20% after selling out during the first stage of its presale. With over 50% of stage two now sold out, investors anticipate another price increase before the end of May.

Rollblock is unlike any project in the DeFi market. Its GambleFi protocol applies blockchain technology to the rapidly growing gambling market. It solves issues with security and transparency, offering a well-rounded experience with its licensed and operational casino.

The Rollblock casino showcases over 150 different game modes. These include casino favorites as well as innovative digital games, slots, and VIP games for $RBLK token holders. Rollblock will also add sports betting to its platform, ensuring users have all they need in one place.

Users can choose over 20 cryptocurrencies to play games, with $RBLK holders being granted several VIP benefits. One such benefit is access to Rollblock’s profit share initiative. Rollblock will actively share up to 30% of its daily revenue with stakers. To do this, the project will buy $RBLK tokens from the open market, using half of these for weekly rewards.

The remaining half will be permanently burned, which will gradually increase the value of remaining tokens. $RBLK is currently available for just $0.012 during stage two of the Rollblock presale. Though with tokens selling fast $RBLK could see a second price increase before the end of May. Analysts are expecting it to increase by 720% in the presale alone.

Will Rollblock Outperform Cardano and Theta Network? 

Rollblock offers massive potential in one of the worlds fastest growing industries. Though not as well known as Cardano and Theta Network, the project due to its much lower market cap is expected to offer significantly greater returns and should therefore be on the watchlist of any serious investor.

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