Best Bitcoin Casino USA 2022: Top Crypto Casino Sites And BTC Casino Games With No Deposit Bonuses

Best Bitcoin Casino USA 2022: Top Crypto Casino Sites And BTC Casino Games With No Deposit Bonuses

By now, you've undoubtedly heard about bitcoin casino games and cryptocurrencies. As you may know, Bitcoin is a virtual currency, meaning it cannot be explained, seen, or defined in physical form.

It was created to be a digital currency type with which people can transfer money over the internet in digital form. It is free from the jurisdiction of states, which means they do not have the power to alter its value by any decree. There are over 19,000 cryptocurrencies in existence today, and the most popular besides Bitcoin are Ethereum and Litecoin.

But the purpose of this article is not to explain everything about cryptocurrencies but to give you an insight into how you can also gamble with real money, just like you would with traditional money. Bitcoin casinos have become extremely widespread, so we decided to pick the best ones. Therefore, let's discover more about them and their features!

Best Bitcoin Casinos & Crypto Gambling Sites Of 2022

1. mBit Casino – Best Bitcoin Casino For Online Crypto Gambling Overall

2. Justbit – Excellent Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites To Play BTC & Ethereum

3. BitStarz – Popular Crypto Casinos To Win Free Spins & No Deposit Bonuses

#1. mBit Casino – Best Bitcoin Casino For Online Crypto Gambling Overall

mBit Casino is a very popular and well-established online crypto gambling platform registered under Curacao eGaming since 2014. The platform is owned and managed by Direx LTD, a Cyprus-based company.

Being under the license of Curacao eGambling means that the platform is under obligation to follow certain rules against gambling malpractice. This also means that all of the personal information about the members and players of the platform is strictly confidential and kept secret and safe. Any issues in this regard are supported by law.

The mBit gambling platform has seen few disputes from players since it was founded and provided excellent customer support to everyone, especially its VIP members. It offers swift withdrawals of all cryptocurrencies, which players can easily transfer between their account and their crypto e-wallets.


Excellent bonuses

One incredibly good feature about mBit is that it offers enticing bonuses to all players, especially new ones.

First-time players who register an account with mBit will get the chance to receive a welcoming bonus which is up to 110% of their initial deposit or a total of 1 BTC. There is also a second bonus, awarding 50% of the deposit or up to 1 BTC in value.

The platform provides additional bonuses every Friday, measuring up to 100% or up to 0.25 BTC. There is frequent everyday cashback, measuring 20% of the lost currency or up to 0.1 BTC.

VIP bonuses are exceptional, and if you sign up as a VIP member and player, you will receive a 2% return on every loss and a 20% refill on your deposit weekly.

On top of that, the VIP program includes dedicated hostesses who constantly stay in touch with members, ensuring they have a special experience and notifying them about special rewards unique to their membership.

Loyalty points are awarded to each VIP member, allowing them to grow in rank and importance on the platform and unlocking even more benefits.

Many different games

As far as games are concerned, mBit Online Casino has over 2,500 games from which you can choose. All game types and varieties are included in its library, and you will find something to your liking, no matter how picky you are.

Some of the most popular games on this online gambling platform are grouped into two categories:

Slot games

Slot games are probably the most widespread on this platform and come in all sorts of visual appearances and varieties.

All slot games support different limits when waging, so you can choose to bet as much as you want. Some of the best slot games on this platform are Book of Guardians, Gypsy Rose, Neptune's Kingdom, Sugar Pop, and Gold Train.

Table games

Nothing beats the classics, and mBit Casino includes regular high-frequency action table games on their platform. There are practically thousands of players playing table games at any given moment, and some of the most popular table games on mBit include BlackJack, European Roulette, Texas Hold'em, Baccarat, Virtual Roulette, and American BlackJack.


•An excellent web-based crypto casino platform

  • •Supports multiple cryptocurrency types
  • •Offers loyalty points and exclusive bonuses to VIP players
  • •Includes over 2,000 online games to choose from
  • •Frequent daily deals for bonuses
  • •Highly safe and secure online gambling platform
  • •Provides a welcome package with a first deposit bonus
  • •It runs great on any Android or iOS mobile device
  • •Top-notch customer service
  • •Fast and high payouts


  • •It does not support fiat money
  • •The platform does not provide a dedicated mobile app for easier gambling

#2. Justbit – Excellent Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites To Play BTC & Ethereum

The Justbit online gambling platform is still a novice in cryptocurrency gambling. It was founded in 2021, and it's been on the gambling market for only a year now.

Even though the team behind its foundation is still learning and constantly adding new features and security upgrades to the platform, we can surely say that it offers a lot more than any other older platform out there.

Justbit Casino is owned and operated by Casbit Group N.V., a gambling company that Curacao Gambling also licenses. Besides supporting numerous cryptocurrencies for gambling, the platform also supports fiat money, which means you can invest your money and possibly win cryptocurrency.

Besides being a young platform, it also implements a VIP section with excellent benefits, and all members also receive a 15% weekly cashback no matter their deposit.


An appealing and intuitive website design

A great feature of the Justbit online gaming platform is how its website is designed and delivers all the information to potential gamblers. It should not be difficult to navigate the site for anyone since it is very well structured and organized.

The colors and animations used in the website's design work well together, resulting in a very appealing visual experience that many users would like. On the left side of the page is a quick navigation section showing you all of the games the Justbit platform provides.

Scrolling down the page, you will find all kinds of information regarding the platform's promotions and jackpot games, a list of the luckiest players who've won at different games, and a live casino section.

At the bottom of the page, you can find everything about the Justbit platform concerning its terms and conditions, privacy policy, payment policy, and bonus policy. The platform is well-established, so it publicly displays all the information honestly and transparently. Live messenger is a feature that the Justbit platform also integrates into its website.

An easy registration process

If you choose the Justbit platform to provide your next gambling experience, you should have no trouble registering an account. The sign-up process is very simple, only requiring basic information like your email address, password, and the selection of a cryptocurrency you wish to deposit. All you need to do is click the "Sign-Up" button, and you will be on your way.

Even though it isn't necessary to verify your account, we advise you to do it. Verifying your account gives you several advantages, like that you can withdraw larger cryptocurrency amounts in one transaction and that your withdrawals will be more swiftly processed.

Verifying your account means confirming that you are its authentic owner and securing it with a two-factor authenticator. You can also verify your payment method, saving any payment information and binding it directly to your account for convenience.

The platform also allows you to close your gambling account should you decide not to gamble any more cryptocurrencies. Contacting client support and letting them know your intention is the best way to close your account, but remember to withdraw all your currencies first.


•An excellent cryptocurrency online gambling platform

•Thousands of games available to choose from

•The platform supports fiat money and even local currencies besides cryptocurrency

•Great cash-back percentages

•You can deposit a great number of cryptocurrencies

•Live casino games are available

•Excellent client support, available 24/7

•It has an easy registration process

•An automatic 15% cashback every week for all players

•Instant deposits and withdrawals

•A perfect website design


•No welcome bonus for first-time deposits

•The VIP section could use more information

•Many countries around the world are not yet supported

#3. BitStarz – Popular Crypto Casinos To Win Free Spins & No Deposit Bonuses

Even though many will think that this is a novice platform providing gambling with cryptocurrency, it is one of the oldest and most well-established.

The BitStarz cryptocurrency gambling platform was established in 2014, just when the whole Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trend started evolving. It was one of the kickstart points of online cryptocurrency casinos.

BitStarz revolutionized the way you can gamble with cryptocurrency by combining it with the traditional payment methods, thus attracting a lot more players to the platform.

Today, BitStarz is a multi-award-winning online gambling platform with over eight years of experience and a very hard-gained and valued reputation among many gamblers. It implements thousands of popular online games of all types, and thousands of players use its services daily.


Great promotions for loyalty players

BitStarz is very focused and dedicated to pleasing its most loyal gamblers. It provides a variety of very opportune reload bonuses. All reload bonuses are covered by the platforms' terms and conditions agreement, and they can also be subject to change according to actual events and shifts in cryptocurrency values.

To give you an insight, several loyalty promotions are closely tied to any type of game available on the platform.

For example, the slot wars promotion provides loyalty bonuses to players who most frequently play slot-type games. The promotion may include winning free spins and a chance to win very large amounts of money, with the weekly price reaching up to €5,000.

The table wars promotion is meant for the most regular table games players, which reach up to a weekly sum of €10,000. Half of it is divided among the first two players on the leaderboard, while the rest is equally divided among the other players on the list.

The platform also provides a welcome promotion in the form of a welcome freeroll which is ideal for new players and a great way to motivate them to play more frequently.

Many methods of payment

BitStarz shines when it comes to payment methods and supported currencies. The platform implements many ways to make deposits and withdraw your winnings, and players most often gamble with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc.

The platform supports fiat money and traditional payment methods, allowing players to use their credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, or payment services to manage their currencies. Some of the most popular payment services such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are also supported.

All deposits are fee-free, meaning any amount you add to your account is the amount with which you play. The platform does not retract anything concerning service fees.

Since the entire deposit and withdrawal options are done electronically, money and cryptocurrency are transferred almost instantly to your account. So, after depositing the funds, you can start playing immediately.

BitStarz also does not limit the withdrawal amount, except for specific currencies. For example, the lowest deposit amount for a Bitcoin is 0.0001, and you can only revoke up to 10 Bitcoins in one transaction.

Luckily, there is no limit to the number of transactions you can perform daily. Keep in mind that all these values are subject to change by the platform, depending on other factors.


•An established and reputable online cryptocurrency gambling platform

•Supports both cryptocurrencies and fiat money

•Several deposit and withdrawal methods, including PayPal and Skrill

•Multi-award-winning online cryptocurrency casino

•Thousands of games to choose from

•Multi jackpot amounts

•Straightforward sign-up process

•Many positive reviews from clients

•New games are constantly added to their library

•24/7 live chat customer support


•No dedicated mobile app for easier gambling

•Many countries are still not supported by the platform

How We Created This List For The Best Bitcoin Casino Sites and Online Slots Real Money?

Choosing the three casinos we included in our list wasn't easy, and we relied on several essential factors listed below. So, let's take a look:

The variety of games that each platform offered

One of the things that many players will consider, as we did, is the various games each platform provides. The best cryptocurrency casinos should provide a wide variety of games for each new player to be attracted.

The online casinos we picked provide not hundreds but thousands of different games and game types for you to pick conveniently. Whether you are a slot games enthusiast or just want to play that good old Texas Hold'em, these game types come as standard with our platforms.

Live games are also a part of this platform's offer, allowing you to play against other players and compete in real-time. Playing poker in real-time is what frequent players who use these platforms play the most.

The cryptocurrencies that each platform supports

Another thing that was also essential in choosing the platforms for our list was how many cryptocurrencies they support, besides the most popular ones. Not all players have access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other more expensive cryptocurrencies.

For that reason, we picked platforms besides the most popular cryptocurrencies that support others like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Tether, Ripple, etc. These cryptocurrencies have lower values, meaning that many more players can afford to get in on the game and use them to gamble online.

And for all players who prefer the traditional way of depositing funds, we've also picked platforms that support fiat money. This means you can deposit any currency the platform endorses, like euros, dollars, etc., and play for a chance to win cryptocurrencies in return.

We've ensured that the platforms are licensed

Online casinos that provide the chance to gamble with cryptocurrencies are virtual platforms, meaning there are very few ways of ensuring they are the real deal regarding legitimacy and reputability. It is very easy for a service such as this to represent itself as legitimate when it is a fraud, specially designed to steal your money and cryptocurrency without warning.

To ensure this wasn't the case with the casinos we chose, we checked whether or not they are licensed by one of the most well-known online gambling licensors today, the Curacao eGaming service.

Being members of this service, our selected platforms are obligated to follow certain rules and practices that make them respect the players' integrity and security and provide an overall excellent experience.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Using Online Bitcoin Casino Sites

If you are a beginner gambler and want to get into cryptocurrency gambling, it would be a good idea to go through the sections and paragraphs below. In them, we will provide useful advice about what to pay attention to before using one of these gambling platforms.

Make sure the platform is safe and secure

In conjunction with the license, an online gambling platform must also provide security for all players and members that enlist their personal information onto its servers.

As you've already read, the platforms we chose are all licensed by the Curacao eGaming service. We also ensured they provide encryption to each personal data that the users submit when registering.

You must also be aware of this, whether you select one of the bitcoin casinos on this list or go with others of your choice. Established and reputable casinos also employ a "Know Your Customer" process or KYC for short.

KYC is an excellent feature that an online casino may employ because it prevents identity theft and minors from accessing the casino's games and gambling. Many licensed casinos follow KYC protocols, and the ones on our list do as well.

Check that the platform provides customer support

Virtual gambling is never 100% safe, and if something goes wrong or the system crashes, you might lose your deposit. In cases like these, it's always a good idea that the platform you choose provides adequate customer support and assistance.

That is the other thing to check for and that any reliable platform should. Resolving misconceptions by contacting an online casino's support team is very important since you will use real money or cryptocurrencies to play games and gamble.

Online casino platforms, especially those that are reliable, have a dedicated customer support team that is mostly available 24/7 to all players. There are several ways to contact the support team via live chat, email, or phone.

Consider a platform that is available on both desktop and mobile

Since these services are web-based, you can only access and use them via a web browser; they will provide an excellent experience on desktop or laptop computers. You only need a stable internet connection and a reliable web browser, and you can play non-stop for hours.

But what if you're a person who is constantly on the go and also wants to enjoy some or cryptocurrencies? Well, that is also made possible since all the smartphones we use today pack almost the same features as desktop or laptop computers.

For that reason, it is a good idea to check if the online platform you want to deposit and play with also supports mobile devices. Some platforms have dedicated apps, which in our opinion, provide a much smoother and more stable gambling experience.

But, many of them also optimize their websites for smaller screens through the power of web development, so you will have no problem gambling on your smartphone the same way you would on the big screen.

Contemplate other members' opinions and reviews

Going through the reviews and opinions of other players and members of the platform you want to choose is the fourth important thing to do.

Why do we endorse this? Because the most reliable information about practically anything online can be obtained by reading the opinions and experiences of other people. They are in direct contact with the service, have experienced it directly, and are the most qualified to praise or critique it.

The reviews from clients will tell you one of two things. For one, they will confirm that the online gambling platform is what it represents, or they will critique it and reveal that it is a fraud if that is the case.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to check the opinions of other frequent users of any platform, especially if you are a novice in virtual cryptocurrency gambling. It will give you an idea of what you will invest your time and currencies into.

Best Online Casino Websites- FAQs

Q1. Are online cryptocurrency casinos legal?

Online casinos supporting cryptocurrencies are generally legal but not legal in all countries worldwide. It all depends on where you live and whether or not that country legalizes the use of online bitcoin casinos.

Even in countries where cryptocurrency casinos are illegal, there are no explicit laws stating that they are illegal. This means their illegality in these countries is implied rather than strictly regulated by law, which may make them technically legal.

Q2. What are the differences between cryptocurrency casinos and traditional casinos?

The most notable and obvious difference is that cryptocurrency casinos can accept crypto and fiat money deposits, while traditional casinos do not support gambling with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency casinos are also virtual casinos with fast deposit and withdrawal times, lower fees, and higher security and encryption levels. Traditional casinos are mainly places where you have to be physically present to play and gamble, while cryptocurrency casinos offer the chance to play from virtually anywhere.

Virtual cryptocurrency casinos also feature bonuses, especially for new players and members who sign up for their service. They provide weekly promotions through free spins that many traditional casinos often lack. Another great feature is that online casinos provide frequent cashback to all players weekly or monthly.

And one of the biggest differences is the number of games that crypto casinos offer. As we've already said, our reviewed platforms provide access to thousands of games. They provide a unique gaming experience compared to traditional casinos.

Q3. Do these casinos pay in bitcoin?

Yes, these online casinos will pay any winnings you earn in actual cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. They choose to operate on cryptocurrency because it is a safer and more anonymous way to gamble for many people.

Cryptocurrency gambling also provides higher winning bonuses to players, which is why they are becoming an increasingly more popular way to gamble worldwide.

Q4. Are online cryptocurrency casinos legal in the United States?

Yes, cryptocurrency is recognized in the United States, even though there is nothing to state that fact clearly. However, Bitcoin is forbidden for purchasing illegal commodities such as drugs or weapons on the black market.

Q5. Are the games on these platforms fair?

Many players think online gambling is a risk, especially new ones. People approach the whole virtual gambling with doubt and reserve, thinking that they will get scammed and lose their money. Fortunately, reputable online gambling casinos have come up with a way to ensure all players that their games are fair and there is no need to worry.

To resolve this, online casinos use something called provably fair, and you may frequently encounter this term on many gambling websites. The provably fair system allows players to check and confirm that a certain game is fair and legitimate. They check a number each game generates separately, compare it to the number on the casino's servers, and make sure the game hasn't been altered.

By providing this option to players, online gambling platforms prove that they are transparent, and reliable and that there is no scam involved in their service whatsoever.

Q6. How fast is the withdrawal process?

The withdrawal process of online cryptocurrency casinos is almost instantaneous. That is one major benefit cryptocurrency provides, in that you can transfer them between platforms and your e-wallet very quickly. Money transfers with casinos that accept fiat money, in many cases, can take up to two to three days, depending on how fast the finance provider or bank is.

Concerning withdrawal amounts, each online casino is different, and each states its withdrawal amounts policy in the terms and conditions agreement, so it would be a good idea to read through it when registering.

Q7. What is fiat money?

Fiat money is a currency that we all already know and use. It is a currency accepted and backed by a certain government or entity, not by precious commodities such as silver and gold.

State governments are mainly the ones with the power to issue fiat money, and they declare them using a decree that gives them value, financial power, and stability. Fiat money gives large banks like the central banks in many countries the power to control the economy more efficiently and how much money is being printed.

Fiat money includes the U.S. dollar, the Euro, the British pound, the Indian rupee, etc. As you can see, most paper and coin currencies still used worldwide are also called fiat money.

Conclusion: How Can I Choose The Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites For Me?

We hope that you found this article useful and that you've better understood the benefits and fun that Bitcoin casinos provide to thousands of players every day. Cryptocurrency gambling has proven to be a fast-growing industry, especially since it is convenient, safe, and offers access to thousands of game types.

Online casinos that go beyond traditional gambling and support cryptocurrencies can be a lot of fun. Still, you need to remember and use them moderately and responsibly. They make it easy for any player, especially new ones, to get addicted and find it hard to stop playing.

Always check for the platform's validity and reputability before signing up and depositing any funds or currencies. Avoid fraudulent platforms, remember to play responsibly, and have fun!

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