BEFE's June Journey: Can It Surpass Memecoin Expectations?


2020 was the golden year for meme coins as we see different meme coins getting as high as 5000% and more within a few days (many are less than a week). But, since the hype around most of the coins died down, many need help remembering the name of some of the meme coins from then. This is one thing that has continued to plague the meme coin market: a fast rise and a corresponding dip within a short while. With this, many investors have begun to lose confidence in investing in meme coins. But can BEFE surpass the expectations of investors this bull season?

June is a great moment to look forward to this year, as it has kept hinting at the possibility of a strong bull run. The BEFE coin price actions have shown different setups across time frames, hinting at a bullish run. The 4H candles show a bullish pendant, which is one of the most significant signs of a price explosion in the crypto market. BEFE could be your gateway to catch those dollars in the bull run currently building up in the crypto market.

However, let's discuss a few other factors hinting at a successful bull run for BEFE this June.

An Increase in the Number of BEFE Coin Holders

A recent announcement from the team shows an impressive rise in the number of people holding on to their BEFE coin investment. This is most interesting because now, as a result of the drop in selling pressure, we can begin to expect strong stability in the price of the BEFE coin. Holders contribute immensely to the price growth of a crypto asset as they give solid backing to the coin's growth.

A look into the price action also shows this drop in selling pressure as we see a reversal towards a bull run since the beginning of June. This means one thing: there is growing confidence among the BEFE coin investors. And with this growing confidence comes the opportunity to grow higher than we can predict.

Collective Effort for Growth from the Team and Community Members

The BEFE coin team has been working harder than we have seen from other meme coins. These efforts include listing across exchanges, active community engagements, network scaling, and other actions to improve the BEFE coins daily. This shows they are working to make BEFE more than just a meme coin.

The community, on the other hand, has also grown at a never-before-seen rate in the meme coin market since the great year of the meme coin bubble. Over a short period since BEFE joined the market, it has gotten over 50k members on its Twitter page and more than 28k active members on Telegram. BEFE is breaking boundaries and setting a new record. Expect an unprecedented rise from the BEFE coin this June.

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