AST Mining Offers a Way to Make Money Combining Cloud Mining and Cryptocurrency Investing

AST Mining

Are you dreaming of building your crypto nest egg but don't know where to start? AST Mining's cloud mining platform lets you mine Bitcoin and other currencies without the heavy lifting. But here's the exciting part: their referral programme offers a hidden gem - a whopping $5,000 bonus just for recommending friends! This guide explores how AST Mining can fuel your crypto mining and unleash a gushing referral income stream. Get ready to turn your social circle into your crypto crew! 

About AST Mining

AST Mining stands out as a premier cloud mining platform, offering users worldwide the opportunity to generate passive income through cryptocurrency mining, particularly Bitcoin. With its presence spanning 150 countries and housing five mining farms globally, AST Mining caters to a diverse audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


A notable advantage of AST Mining lies in its user-centric approach and adaptable mining packages. Providing a variety of mining contracts tailored to different investment levels, users can select a plan that aligns with their financial objectives and risk tolerance. AST Mining's transparent earnings calculations and real-time reporting mechanisms empower users to monitor their mining progress and earnings effectively.

AST Mining Contracts

AST Mining Contracts

In addition to its core mining services, AST Mining introduces an affiliate programme, enticing users to refer friends and earn lucrative rewards. Through this initiative, users can potentially earn up to $5,000 in referral bonuses or a 3% commission on their referral's mining revenue. This programme incentivises active user engagement, fostering platform growth and expanding AST Mining's user base.

While AST Mining predominantly focuses on Bitcoin mining, it also offers mining opportunities for various other cryptocurrencies, allowing users to diversify their investment portfolios. Furthermore, AST Mining prioritises user security, implementing advanced security measures such as McAfee® and Cloudflare® protection to safeguard user accounts and mining operations. The platform maintains a minimum withdrawal limit of 200 USDT, ensuring convenient access to earnings for users.


By leveraging AST Mining's cloud mining services, users can engage in cryptocurrency mining without the need for costly hardware investments or specialised technical knowledge. With its global reach, intuitive interface, affiliate programme, and robust security infrastructure, AST Mining emerges as an appealing option for individuals looking to earn passive income in the cryptocurrency market.

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