Analysts Predict XRP's Upside and Raboo's Moonshot: What's Next for Dogecoin's Price


XRP news has been slow lately, with XRP continuing to underperform relative to its top-10 competition. Meanwhile, Dogecoin price has been on a slight decline over the past week. However, the smart money has long eschewed investing in big caps like XRP and Dogecoin.

Instead of betting on a Dogecoin price recovery or a comeback for XRP, savvy traders are betting on low-cap gems which haven’t come close to mooning yet. And in 2024, Raboo has emerged as THE top moonshot opportunity of the year. Learn why.

Dogecoin price drops in the past week

Dogecoin holders are keeping their eyes peeled on industry developments as the biggest meme coin by market cap navigates through another rough patch. In the past week, Dogecoin price has fallen by 2.8% even as the market experiences a broader resurgence. In particular, Dogecoin price has notably picked up as Bitcoin breaks past $71,000 as of press time. However, traders remain cautious about Dogecoin price swings. Currently, Dogecoin price sits at $0.1618, with the untimely demise of Kabosu the Dogecoin mascot failing to trigger a Dogecoin price revival as expected.

More bad XRP news waiting in the wings for Ripple holders?

In other bad XRP news, the long-winded legal wrangling between SEC and XRP remained a major hurdle. XRP holders are expecting a court ruling on the potential penalties to be levied on Ripple Labs for breaching US securities laws this summer. The market is expected to react accordingly once the size of the penalty is assessed. It also remains to be seen whether the courts deem XRP sales to institutional investors as legal. A potential injunction prohibiting XRP sales to institutions may seriously curtail XRP’s growth in the US and serve as the potential death knell for the “dead chain.”

Raboo Presale turns up the jets in Stage 4

Investors looking to recreate the same parabolic growth of Dogecoin price over the years will be better served investing in Raboo. Thus far, the AI-powered SocialFi meme coin has raised over $1.6 Million in its presale, with over 7,600 registered presale participants at press time.

Currently, Raboo tokens can be bought at the insanely low discounted price of just $0.0048 as of Stage 4 of its launch, and analyst projections are bullish for the meme coin. Prospective investors could be in line for a 233% gain in token price increases during the presale, while analysts expect a 100x once Raboo launches on exchanges worldwide.

Raboo's unique value proposition is centered on its SocialFi and post-to-earn mechanics. The project blends the power of AI and meme coin virality to create a robust self-sustaining ecosystem designed for parabolic growth. Unlike most meme coins, Raboo provides earning opportunities to $RABT holders by giving them a chance to earn Raboo tokens by participating in regular challenges.


Dogecoin and XRP have seen their best days. Now, both big-cap tokens are flagging compared to low-cap gems like Raboo. Between Dogecoin, XRP, and Raboo, analysts predict that Raboo is easily the better investment for investors looking for parabolic gains this year.

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